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June Birchbox

18 Jun


Love the colorful box this month!


Davine’s SU hair and body wash. The bottle says it’s a good wash to use for sensitive skin. I LOVED the last Davine’s  shampoo and conditioner sample that birchbox sent, but the shampoo is regularly $26 for a normal size bottle. I could never justify spending that much. I own the Davine’s leave in conditioner spray, it’s really nice.

Benefit Gimme Brow. It’s a tinted brow volumizing gel. I didn’t notice volume, but does work as a gel. Mine is marked with a 3, which I assume is the color for dark brown,  though it doesn’t deposit heavy color.
– Coola spf 30 sunscreen. I’m a fan of getting sunscreen samples. It’s a practical product that will get used up. This sample will probably last one day hiking or a day trip to the beach,  perfect size to toss into a travel bag.
Oribe dry texturizing spray. I saw a birchbox tutorial using this, I’m looking forward to trying it out.
Ardency Inn modster black eyeliner. I’ve received a different eyeliner that I wasn’t  a fan of from Glossybox. It had a brush applicator, so you would be painting your eyelid black. Yeah, I never used it. I’m more willing to try this pencil style, though.

I noticed that there is a padding layer at the bottom of the box now,  that is a great idea. That will protect the products more than shipping in a piece of tissue paper. The winners this month for sure are the Benefit brow gel and the Davine’s body wash. Those will definitely be used up asap!

Birchbox referral link.


February Birchbox!

14 Feb



Boxycharm March 2014 Box!

3 Apr


Boxycharm – $21/month

I re-signed up for Boxycharm this month after seeing the moisturizer as a sneak peek item. This is the best box I’ve seen from them yet!

Pur-lisse moisturizer – $55, Bella Pierre Makeup Base – $19, Bella Pierre “Earth” shimmer eye shadow – $15, Model Co Party Proof Lipstick in “Pinking of You” – $17, StrangeBeautiful Nail Polish in “Pussy Willow and BandAid” – $18.

That totals $124 value for this box!

Up until now Boxycharm has mostly been full size drugstore brand make up, nails and hair products only. This is the first box that is such a high value!

I highly recommend signing up for this box now that it is increasing in quality!

March Starlooks Box

26 Mar


Starlooks Starbox Subscription – $15/month. Ends up costing me around $17.68 with shipping every month.


(Nail polish is Revlon ColorStay in “Delicious” and matches my new lipstick perfectly!)

The March Starbox box brought me a bright red lipstick in the color “Kinky” ($12 retail), a lip liner in “Cherry Cedar” ($12 retail), a longwear eyeliner pot in “black hole” (retail $13).

This month was curated by a youtube make up artist Ashley Hackman. I’ve never heard of her, so I’ll have to check her out youtube.com/yunging19.

I really like the quality of the starlooks makeup, but I do worry that I’ll get sent random colors each month! This red, for example, is too cool toned for my complexion. The anticipation is addicting, though.

Try out their monthly subscription box with my referral link, please! http://starbox.starlooks.com/subscribe?refer=57501

My first Pop Sugar Must Have box!

10 Oct


Popsugar Must Have Box $35/month -> will go up to $40/month starting in November unless you lock in a lower subscription price during October.


I used a coupon code to get $5 off my first box. Technically my first box was September, but I moved and that box is still at my old address waiting for me to pick it up. So this is actually my first – how exciting!

8 items plus a $20 coupon for Stitch Fix – a monthly clothing subscription that sends you 5 clothing items and you pay for only the ones you keep, minus a $20 credit. I may they this for one month only, I shop enough on my own to have to justify.


“Wet” Detangling hair brush – what a useful item to include in this box!
Jane Tran hair pins (set of 6) $12 (estimate based off of similar set from birchbox) – I will definitely use these for those sassy mid day hair strands.
The Can’t Cook Book 100+ recipes – I’m not really in a cook book kind of phase right now…. [puts book to the side indefinitely]
NYX Smokey Shadow Palette $7 – Meh, I never do a smokey eye, but I might use these individually. I found mixed reviews on the Google machine, so I may just pass this along to someone else.
NYX Liquid Brown Liner $7 – Yes, I think I may get some regular use out of a liquid brown eye liner for an everyday look.
Gorjana Bali Bead bracelet in hot pink– 100% of proceeds on their website go to Breast Cancer Connections.
The Crispery Halloween Crispy Cake $4 – It’s more like a huge marshmallow with rice crispies in it, topped with sprinkles. I just ate half of it like a crazy person…sugar overload!
Julep Polish Duo $28- Freedom Polymer Top Coat and Millie (grayish grape color). I was excited to see this, but too bad I already own Millie from my Julep Maven subscription box. (Use code FREEBOX to get your first box free!)

It was a cute box to open, but I think I may cancel. I think I could better spend this money towards purchasing items I love or want/need. Nothing in this box jumps out like the feeling of “OHMYGOSh I can’t believe I have this now!” So I cannot justify paying $35-40 to continue this subscription. If I had income to spare I would like keep it for a short of entertainment value, but times are tough and decisions need to be made!

It’s worth mentioning the accordion style info booklet is well designed, easy to read and much appreciated.

That’s my quick rundown for the October box. What did you guys think of it? Am I coming down off the subscription box high? Is the Popsugar Must Have Box worth keeping??

Goodies Box – July 2013

20 Jul


Goodies Box is only $7/month + free shipping!


This box is about three to four times the dimension of a Birchbox! How can they ship this and still be profitable at $7/box? Not my problem!

Goodies Box and I had a short lived relationship. I discovered this snack food sub box, signed up, read some reviews from last month’s box that included Pringles chips, got my shipping confirmation, then cancelled my subscription thinking I was going to be getting a snack box of Pringles type of stuff. Yuck. “Not for me,” I said.

But my box is so yummy and 4 of the 5 items are not artificially flavored. This lovely box was waiting for me when I got home from work today. Warning: never open an edible subscription box right when you get home from work. Must eat allthethingsnow!! Hungry monster immediately said yum to 3 of the 5 items.

Sparkling Fruit Water in Black Raspberry, couldn’t find a link to this. Currently in my fridge, chillin’. I’ll sip on this over the weekend 🙂


Gimbals Cherry Lovers heart shaped jelly bean candy (chocolate cherry and vanilla cherry are my favorite in this bag). Too many in this bag to eat all at once, but if you need a sweet sugary treat these are perfect to have on hand to satisfy the sweet tooth. Notice the bag has been ripped open before the picture!


Cosmos Creations caramel baked corn, labeled as non gmo (100 calorie snack bag = gonesoofastmustbuymorenow!) Very tasty snack. Notice the package is also ripped open on the left!

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Original gluten free crackers – Tip: use these instead of regular tortilla chips to make nachos. Spread out on a plate, sprinkle shredded cheese, pop in the oven for a few minutes, top with fresh salsa and voila! More protein, less calories than tortilla chips, still crunchy and tasty!

Better Chip – fresh corn chips. Haven’t tried these yet, I’ll make some salsa first to try these out with.

Before I even finished this post I went and re-subscribed!

The Goodies.co website has a point system similar to Birchbox where they give you points for reviewing products. Points can be reserved for a fee box, but I haven’t yet figured out how many points ars needed. I’m glad I didn’t get the June box, check out previous boxes on their website. They do not customize the boxes, looks like everyone gets the same items. I’m happy with my first box, hope to continue enjoying this subscription – plus it’s only $7!

Sample Society Box – July 2013

19 Jul


Sample Society $15/month + tax in California

BeautyBar.com’s monthly subscription box has been at the top of my list. They never give small foil packets, always at least deluxe size or full size items.

Highlight for July is the full size Deborah Lipman nail polish in Private Dancer $19 value. It’s a beautiful shade of purple with high shimmer. The photo came out a bit darker than the color looks in real life.

I received the same Supergoop Eye Cream in my May Birchbox and didn’t like the way it balled up on my under eye skin. I may have thrown it away, I don’t remember what I did with it. I may just give this away, or keep it in my purse as a travel size spf cream.

The Reem Acra perfume sample smells quite potent as a first impression. Described as a floral-amber blend, the floral smell overwhelms at first. I sprayed one small spritz on me and it was not as extreme as I always fear most perfumes to be. Once it hit my skin, it became a sweet candy-like scent. Much improved from my initial reaction, I surprised myself that I may actually like this. Hmm, I will have to smell it again before deciding.

Terry Cellularose Brightening Serum. I haven’t even taken this out of the little pink box to explore it yet. The info card says the full size is $117! Well, I hope I don’t like this sample TOO much!

Tres Pure face tonic with only 3 ingredients claims to make skin smooth, firm and radiant. Um, yes please. Again, I can’t like it TOO much, full size is $65!


Thank you Sample Society for exposing me to high end skin care I’ve never heard of and never knew I was missing out on! Put off these 5 items, I will use 4, giving away the Supergoop product. I have really been loving these samples from this sub. June’s box had a Stila lip glaze that I am still excited about receiving (even though I already own 6 different ones!).

I know it’s more expensive than the beloved Birchbox, but I think the value is consistently higher and products address not as hit or miss as Birchbox. I am seriously considering canceling my Birchbox for a while. Okay, who am I kidding. I am too addicted to getting boxes in the mail to cancel that subscription. Le sigh. PBJ for dinner??? Hahaha…priorities are so backwards sometimes.

Let me know if you get the Sample Society Box, I wanna see what you got this month! If you want to sign up, mention code “superintro” and I will get referral credit of some sort.