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Blush Mystery Beauty Box 25% OFF TODAY ONLY

18 Jul

Blush Mystery Beauty Box 25% OFF TODAY ONLY

Use code LOVEBLUSHBOX to get 25% off your subscription. Code is only valid today! I paid $18.71+ CA tax = about $20. Regularly $24.99/month, or $34.99 for a single one time box. Looks like they have mostly full size products in their sub box.

This will be my first Blush mystery beauty box. I saw one of the items will be a pink lip gloss from a brand I’ve never heard of. Check out the teaser video on their home page.

Wil you be subscribing to a blush box?
Here’s the website link.


My First Starbox – June 2013

1 Jul


Star box is $15/month + tax in CA = about $17

I was feeling left out not having tried out this subscription. It’s always a lovely feeling to support a company directly, Starbox only includes makeup from their own line, Star looks. Ipsy subscribers each received one of three different colors (Bare, Tipsy, Tickled Pink) of a lip liner pencil in the June glam bag. Their payment system is funny, whichever month you make your first payment you will not receive your first box until the following month.


The peace sign button is cute if I was in middle school or if I had a daughter that age, otherwise it seems kind of silly.

This bronzer is way way way better than the “Bronze Goddess” NYX creme cheek color I got in June Ipsy bag (too dark/muddy for cheeks) I gave it to my friend and she uses it as a creme shadow! I thought the Star looks bronzer was going to be the same as one I have from theBalm that is so pigmented I hardly wear it on my face, but this one is now the best one in my collection. It is a sheer enough color to build up more if I want, it really looks natural and blends in very well and not overtly shimmery! Yay!

Just used the black definer pen yesterday and I didn’t realize it was a very skinny marker pen applicator, like an even smaller version of the navy blue Eyeko Skinny Liner I got in my June Birchbox. This is really precise, making it easier to fill in a straight line along lashes, plus easier to color in a cat eye shape I wore for brunch yesterday. Highly recommend this product! As many eye liners as I have, this is unique enough to guarantee that you will not regret purchasing it to add to anyone’s makeup bag of tricks.

…and then there was the white pencil. Okay, I have seen tutorials where beauty gurus use this as an indispensable item in a makeup collection, but it feels over the top for me no matter how I try it. Application is smooth like melting butter, perhaps I may try this in a different color. Like the idea, but it’s not for me right now. This will be kept on hand for experimentation until I can pull it off.
The info card said they always include a little crystal, this looks like a 2 or 3 inch piece of clear quartz. I have two big quartz chunks in my window sill, now they have a baby crystal to keep them company, how cute!! Love this!!

Overall I really liked 3 of the 5 items. This was my first sub box from Star Looks. I wanted to try out the quality of the products without committing to a monthly subscription, so I ended up canceling it after I ordered my first box before I even received it. I didn’t want to be charged for another month if it turned out I didn’t like this one. I wish I had stayed on for a July box, now I’ll have to wait until August! I want to sign up and try it again, but it’s such a long wait. Hmm, I’ll wait until my next paycheck this month to decide about rejoining Starbox. Here’s a link to check it out yourself!

Eco Emi – June 2013

27 Jun


A seasonally appropriate Eco Emi box ($15/month) arrived today with its contents wrapped in a star spangled bandana with multi sized red, white & blue metallic star confetti. There is a separate postcard with photo suggestions how to use the banana, I’ve already lost it, though! This is the kind of personal touch that you don’t get in other subscription boxes.


You can’t tell from this photo, but the Beanitos chips have already been opened and scarfed down. They were a little spicy, just how I like it!

Here’s a close up off the All Natural Face Lip and Cheek cream in Peachy Rose and the Purely You Minerals Vegan Bronzer. The lip and cheek cream really is an all around usable shade for every day. The bronzer powder is just a touch darker than my skin tone with only a hint of shimmer. This is almost the exact opposite of the NYX “bronze goddess” color I got in my Ipsy Glam Bag this month. Thank goodness. I will have to try this out, though there is a concern with it being a loose powder it could get a lil messy. I am starting to really like these mineral makeup samples I’ve been getting in my Eco Emi and my Beauty Box 5 monthly boxes

In addition to the four items mentioned so far, my box also contained:
Badger Cuticle Care shea cream,
Surf Sweets Gluten free gummy bears,
Nelson’s Pure & Clear cleansing wipes,
Desert Essence Coconut hand and body lotion, and
Organic wheatgrass heirloom seeds (24 seeds, enough for a 6″ pot.) Coincidentally, my boyfriend and I have started juicing in the morning 2 days ago and these little “liquid sunshine” seeds should grow pretty quickly to add some wheat grass to the new routine.


Eco Emi is one of my favorite subscriptions. It is a lesser known subscription box brand, they don’t have much activity on their Facebook page like the other big name boxes. The focus is on eco friendly items, usually two or three makeup/beauty items, one or two food items, two or three bath/body items, plus other products equaling 8-10 items per box. Check them out if you are into more natural ingredients in your products. A lot of these items I have only found at Whole foods, this is a great way to try out brands you may not see in bigger stores.

They are having a sale right now for $15 you can get one of their past boxes as a single purchase, not a recurring membership. I think they are selling them until they sell out! Check it out here

Beauty Box 5 – June 2013

25 Jun


Beauty Box 5 – $12/month, $100/year subscription

In my June Beauty Box 5 box:

Coolway Shampoo & Conditioner,

2 Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer Packets,

and a Brazen mineral eyeshadow in Skinny Dipping = 6 items.


I immediately took the loose mineral shadow to my bathroom sink and added just enough alcohol to cover all the powder. Let it set for a few hours, the excess alcohol will evaporate and leave behind a solid shadow, much more manageable to use, less messy than a loose shadow.


Here’s a close up after it dried. It has a pretty pink iridescent sheen. I’m going to wear this one to work tomorrow!


I saw BB5 got some flack on Facebook for including a Brazen shadow again and Coolway brand products two months in a row. The Brazen shadows are totally wearable for everyday and they feel like silk, no complaints here. OMG the Coolway hair product from last month is the best thing that has happened to my hair !!! I get it, it’s more exciting to get different brands, but I would personally be grateful to receive more Coolway products.

If you check out Coolway’s Facebook page, they are having a special discount when they launch their new website in a couple of days. I think it’s 25 or 35% off. I want to buy more of the Coolway spray that reduces blow drying time, regularly $25+ 4.99shipping.

With my yearly membership, each box comes to $8.33 – so far I have loved everything I’ve gotten in my 3 months of Beauty Box 5 (referral link – free box for every 5 people you refer). I haven’t used the tanning products, though, but everything else has been worth it so far. The Aveeno in this month’s box is great to toss in my purse or travel bag, too!

Ipsy bag – June 2013

21 Jun


Ipsy myglam bag – $10/month

My June glam bag FINALLY arrived. I think it was lost for a while, but I had faith it would find its way home. My neighbor ordered her first Ipsy bag this month, we kept tracking our orders and they were suppose to arrive at the same time. Nope. Mine decided to keep me in suspense almost a week longer!! It totally killed the thrill since I thought I knew what I was getting since I could see it online when I logged in to my Ipsy.com account. Plus, they did a sneak peak of everything this month, what happened to the mystery of a monthly subscription? Haha I guess it’s my fault for stalking their Facebook and other blogs for hints, but I didn’t think they would give it all away, sheesh.


Yeah! Animal print bag with neon zipper! I was in too much of a hurry to take individual photos of each item, but at this point everyone else has already received their bag and posted photos off what they received, I feel like this is the tall end of this month’s Ipsy excitement.

I have to say I was hoping to get any other color than the NYX Cream Blush in Bronze Goddess. Apply this color lightly out it will look like a dirty tan. I like the cream texture, though, it does blend easily without having to mash your face with pressure, know what I mean? I thought about wearing this over the weekend, but it’s redundant to wear bronzer if you’re in the sun anyway, getting darker without product that will probably wash off in the pool. Ilk be wearing sunblock. I just don’t think I will ever use this NYX Bronze Goddess Cream Blush. Oh well, can’t win them all!

The Starlooks lip pencil in Bare I traded with my neighbor; she got the color Tipsy which is a pinkish coral color. Bare was too dark for me. It looked blue-ish lavendar on my lips, nit “bare”. I would’ve never used it, glad I traded!

Loving the Ivory Lace Chella highlighter pencil!!! This is awesome to use as a brow highlight, I have been wanting something like this. This bad boy is going to be used up for sure!

I saw the pictures in my “glam room” on Ipsy’s website and I thought I was getting the Cailyn Gel Fix Liner with built in brush in purple (!!!) But I got the color Iron. It’s like a pewter grey with a metallic glint. Oh, how smart! Built in brush attached to the handle off the container! Ooo, like that. I’ve seen this in other reviews for other subscription boxes and it gave me box envy. I am thinking this gel liner is coming in my bag with me this weekend. I will need a sturdy eyeliner for Saturday night! Hmm, the black Xtreme Lashes liner I got in Glossybox has really great staying quality, too. It will be a tough decision. Or do I pull out my liquid Urban Decay color liners?? Must decide!

The J Cat Sparkling Cream Glitter Palette in Volta is an interesting idea, but this had to be targeted at a clubbing type, I bet most people will never use this other than to swatch the colors. It’s basically 5 different colors of glitter but with the glue built in! Maybe I can put it on all the girls this weekend. There will be 8 co-workers with me in Palm Desert this weekend at the Marriott resort for a girls only trip. Poolside all day tomorrow, dinner and dancing at night. That’s what glitter was made for, right?


Because I referred friends to subscribe to Ipsy I got an additional item in my bag this month. Last month the extra item was an Urban Decay eyeshadow, this month it was an o ring bracelet from Bubble Bar with a unique 20% off coupon code (sorry, I will be using this one). It’s cute, it feels way nicer in person than it looks in photos.

Okay, even though I was bummed about the blush color, who am I kidding thinking that I needed another blush anyway. This month’s Ipsy bag was a score! the Cailyn Gel Liner and the Chella highlighter pencil are sooo worth more than the $10 paid for my subscription. I am loving Ipsy more and more, this is only my 3rd month so I hope they keep it up!

If you haven’t tried Ipsy, I highly recommend you get a subscription here.

Julep Maven Box – June 2013

10 Jun


Julep Maven Subscription – $19.99/month

This month I switched style profiles to get the Modern Beauty. I was not super excited about any of the nail color options in the others, so glad Julep gives us the option to switch or skip a month. I added on Bunny for $4.99 and the makeup brush duo for $19.99.


Cool new product – makeup/concealer duo brush set. The picture doesn’t show this, but the tip of the large rounded brush is tapered like a cone shape. This is amazing for swiping in the creases around the nose. The smaller concealer brush is a really nice texture, it’s the first concealer brush I’ve owned, so I don’t have anything to compare with. Still have to blend in concealer with my finger after applying with this brush, but it gets more precise placement than just using my finger to apply. I don’t like using it as a dual sided brush because it doesn’t stay connected, it slips apart into two pieces while using it. Either connect it with the concealer brush huding inside the handle so there is a long handle with only the larger brush exposed, or use this as two separate travel size brushes. Also, a little annoying that the end of the concealer side handle is rounded, would be nice if it were flat so it stands up on the counter while in use.


Bunny (white creme polish with gold shimmer) was a highly overrated item.Tons of internet bloggers were so excited about it (myself included) and it seems to be mostly a let down. You can see the gold shimmer in the bottle, but it does not show up on nails. It adds volume to each coat of polish so it looked thick and a little chunky, like using White Out. I cannot recommend this particular polish to anyone.


The DD Creme looks nice on my skin, But I have to apply moisturizer first. If I skip this step, my skin is flaky and dry on my chin, forehead and around my mouth. May be better for those without dry skin. I take some responsibility for not drinking enough water, and regularly drinking coffee in the morning. I prefer Origins Vita Zing spf 15 tinted moisturizer to this product, but I am thinking about trying a blend of both for the right coverage and moisture for my face.

Yes, the  DD Concealer only has 3 grams of product – use sparingly! It is very opaque, do not overload with this. Blends in smoothly.

Chocolate, strawberry & lime salt water taffy candies were also included. That detail alone made me feel like I was at a beach boardwalk smelling the salty ocean air. Ahhhhh.

In total, this set me back about $45. I wish I had skipped this month’s box and just bought the brush, but I really wanted to try Julep’s new DD Creme. I saw someone posted a deal Julep offered to those that skipped this box – an $24.99 option for the DD Creme and the brysh duo, kicking myself for this missed saving, since that’s really what I was looking forward to.

Btw, I have been using the Yaby concealer in Honey that I got in my May Ipsy Glam Bag and I passed on my Julep concealer to a friend, no need for both.

If you are into nail polish, try Julep’s Maven Box subscription for free with code FREEBOX. Here’s my referral link, I earn points you toward a future Julep box if you sign up through my link. Thank You!

NEW Beauty Subscription Box – Boxy Charm Launches June 1

31 May


NEW subscription box – Boxy Charm

I created an account for this new monthly subscription box BoxyCharm – It echos of Glossybox style layout, design, color scheme and pricing. $21 per month or $60 for 3 months. 

I have only found 3 unboxing reviews for this box, technically it launches June 1st, but a few people have pre-signed up I guess.

Youtube unboxing video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0UlwgIh13A  – I love the pink Rimmel lipstick in this video and the Essie polish, and the teal eyeliner!

Blog: http://tickledpinkintherain.blogspot.com/2013/05/new-beauty-subscription-boxycharm.html

Instagram photo: http://statigr.am/p/466636929958148473_10953837

Box will contain 5-6 full size products. The first box had:
Rimmel by Kate Moss lipstick,
Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips,
Styli teal eyeliner pencil,
Essie nail polish (pink shades included Ballet Slippers and hot pink shades),
Set of 3 Beauty Essence makeup brushes in roll up pouch,
Mary Kay travel Makeup bag,
Rimmel eyeshadow quad,
Maybelline lip gloss,
and Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush. That’s 9 makeup items!! Holy Moly thats a great deal!

What do you think about signing up??

Here’s my referral link if you want to try it out: http://www.boxycharm.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/405/ (I don’t know yet how referral points work)