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All the mascara

2 Sep


These are all the mascaras I had in my makeup collection.

My favorites: Revlon bold lacquer by grow luscious (I have another new one in the package, I got them in boxycharm and beauty box 5 subscription boxes), and Tarina Tarantino fleur de lash in the super glam packaging.

Wet n Wild mega length mascara is great in a pinch. I bought it one day on break at work – I forgot to put on mascara that day and my eyes looked so sleepy. I think it’s only $3!

I’ve been rotating daily between these 5: Revlon, be a bombshell, they’re real by benefit, urban decay perversion, cover girl professional, and urban decay. They’re all open, so I feel like I have to use them all before they go bad! I should toss out some of these, though, I keep getting more in subscription boxes!


Revlon Color Stay Nail Polish

25 Oct


This color is called Trade Winds. It was part of the Revlon Total Beauty Collection from earlier this year. I’m using this neutral nail color as I try to hustle myself a job this week. I do have an interview tomorrow. I hope to soon be employed as a bartender in a downtown Italian restaurant in my home town. I left my job almost 3 months ago in LA when my dad had his stroke, it looks like my stay will be long term here with my family as we cope with the daily well being of my dad and his continued recovery.

My interests have certainly been put on the back burner, but if I am too be living here, I need to get myself working again. As my dad’s status hopefully improves consistently, my peace of mind can handle more of my peripheral makeup obsession again.

Cheers to breathing easy and being happy, healthy and alive.

Don’t buy this eye shadow in these colors.

8 Jul

Revlon Colorstay 16hr Eyeshadow Quad in Free Spirit – $7.99 online, $8.49 at my local CVS

I ordered the Total Beauty Revlon Collection (no longer available) recently and even though I was skeptical of drug stores quality eyeshadow, I was pretty impressed with the Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad in Sea Mist, so I opened to the idea of picking up the same quad in more playful colors. I have grown an affinity over the last two years towards Urban Decay, Stila, and especially theBalm’s amazing eyeshadow quality that I never considered buying drugstore brands’ eyeshadow (unless they are uber uber discounted, then the bargain shopping monster in me takes over my body and wallet), I own too much eyeshadow to wantonly add more to my collection.


I liked the colors in the Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad in Free Spirit, this was part of the same seasonal Revlon collection as the items I received in the Total Beauty Box. It came with a little pamphlet with a combination of looks to make with the new shadows and lip butters. When I saw the Revlon display at CVS I couldn’t talk myself out of buying the Free Spirit quad, with its matte blue and periwinkle colors. It was $8.49 with no special offers going on and I had no coupons, I impulsively just bought it.
In the swatch above I had to slather on many many layers to get the pigment to show in 3 of the 4 colors, the beige color only one swipe. Can we say CHALKY color or what? My medium skin tone does the chalky quality no favors, either.


Oops, these are swatched backwards! This is MUCH better with a shimmery creme shadow as a base, though I still had to apply many many times to get this pigmentation and can still see the bottom shimmer through the applied colors.

It seems like my pricier eyeshadows must have a built in primer, along with more pigment and much silkier texture. I wish I could return this Revlon palette, I was okay with the quality of the Sea Mist quad from the Total Beauty Revlon box, but Free Spirit really sucked. I am convincing myself not to throw it out and I can just use the beige color for an everyday-going-to-work look. That was the winner of the 4. Even though I bought this to try out the playful blue shades, I got one good beige out of it. Ironic? Maybe the universe is telling me to stop spending $$ on makeup. Never! Hahaha.

On to my 2nd bad review:
Revlon Lip Butters in Sorbet and Pink Lemonade. Both colors were swiped a few times to get the darker colors to show up since they are intended to be a sheer application of color. If you are a fan of wearing lip color, I highly recommend you avoid from this same collection the Pink Lemonade shade Lip Butter (bottom color swatch in photo). It basically shows up invisible since it’s such a sheer light pink, and feels like a thick, heavy mouthful of chapstick if you try to layer it enough to achieve any hint of color. If you don’t like wearing lip color, then you are the intended target for Pink Lemonade. Sorbet (top fuscia color), however, is…how should I phrase this…amazeballs!! as much as I dislike Pink Lemonade, I love Sorbet times three!!!

If you have different opinions, let me know if you are applying a shadow primer for better effect, which brand? and if you have a review or photos that I can check out on your blog!

Does Revlon have a shadow primer? Has anyone tried it? I’ve only used Urban Decay’s awesome primer, can anyone recommend a drugstore brand that works as well?

Total Beauty – Revlon Collection

27 Jun


Yeah! I ordered my first Total Beauty Box! The Revlon Collection box is $15, but you can get 20% off by using code TBC20 or RETAILMENOT20 and pay only $12 + free shipping. This box is still available!


Look how colorful it is! The Long Wear nail polish in Trade Winds looks like it will be a cool skin tone color. Fancy.


Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet (top, fuscia color) and Pink Lemonade (bottom, baby pink color). Love Sorbet for my skin tone. Pink Lemonade doesn’t really show up much more than my natural lip color, so I will only use it in place of chapstick like a tinted balm, or maybe give it to my paler-skinned younger sister. Man o man these feel soo nice and buttery. Sorbet is totally the kind of lip color I’m drawn to. My First lip butters, yay!


I have to say how surprised I am that the Color Stay 16 hr eyeshadow quad in Sea Mist has decent color playoff. I was expecting more chalky, transparent color application. Granted, these are definitely not Urban Decay quality shadows, but good enough that I will actually use this quad. These colors all have a satin sheen, and you can probably tell that the top left color looks like a charcoal grey on my skin, but more like indigo/violet in the palette. That’s okay, I might try using that color as a liner.

I had to give in and try out this collection. “It’s only $12,” I told myself. I think it’s worth it. The eyeshadow quad is $8.49 at CVS, and the lip butters are $7.99 each, plus $7.99 for the nail polish. That’s about $32.50 + tax!

I probably will never use the pale Pink Lemonade lip butter, though. Too bad, but still a good value box. Remember to use a coupon code if you order here!

Total Beauty Revlon and Mystery Collection Coupon Codes!

14 Jun

total beauty

Total Beauty – Revlon Collection $15

Okay, so I caved. I have been eying this all month. It’s a great deal to try two colors of Revlon’s lip butters that all the bloggers everywhere have mentioned at least once. Sheesh, talk about feeding the need! I found a coupon code: RETAILMENOT20 for 20% off the Revlon collection, so it is only $12 to buy this collection, no tax or shipping charge!!

Also, they just released a Total Beauty Mystery Collection $20 – 13+ full and deluxe size products worth $100+. Use coupon code: RETAILMENOT15 to get $3 off = $17!

**UPDATE: USE CODE TBC20 FOR 20% off = $16 for the Mystery Collection** (I tried this and it didn’t work for me, but other have tried it and it DID work! Worth a shot!)

I’ve definitely blown through my “fun” budget this month with all these extra little purchases adding up. Will you give in to temptation and buy the Mystery Collection? Mysteries are so sexy. Rawr.