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June Birchbox

18 Jun


Love the colorful box this month!


Davine’s SU hair and body wash. The bottle says it’s a good wash to use for sensitive skin. I LOVED the last Davine’s  shampoo and conditioner sample that birchbox sent, but the shampoo is regularly $26 for a normal size bottle. I could never justify spending that much. I own the Davine’s leave in conditioner spray, it’s really nice.

Benefit Gimme Brow. It’s a tinted brow volumizing gel. I didn’t notice volume, but does work as a gel. Mine is marked with a 3, which I assume is the color for dark brown,  though it doesn’t deposit heavy color.
– Coola spf 30 sunscreen. I’m a fan of getting sunscreen samples. It’s a practical product that will get used up. This sample will probably last one day hiking or a day trip to the beach,  perfect size to toss into a travel bag.
Oribe dry texturizing spray. I saw a birchbox tutorial using this, I’m looking forward to trying it out.
Ardency Inn modster black eyeliner. I’ve received a different eyeliner that I wasn’t  a fan of from Glossybox. It had a brush applicator, so you would be painting your eyelid black. Yeah, I never used it. I’m more willing to try this pencil style, though.

I noticed that there is a padding layer at the bottom of the box now,  that is a great idea. That will protect the products more than shipping in a piece of tissue paper. The winners this month for sure are the Benefit brow gel and the Davine’s body wash. Those will definitely be used up asap!

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June Glossybox Arrived Late!

16 Jul


Glossybox – $60/3 months or $21/month


I started this review over a week ago and I forgot that I never finished posting it, so now my June box review is really really late!!! Better late than never?

Glossybox built up a lot of hype for June’s box. It was a special box made by fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw. Instead of the usual pink box, this month was white with a fashion doll printed on the lid. It arrived on July 3rd, but I left town and didn’t get back home until Friday evening, July 6th, so this review is way late!


I am often surprised to find box contents neatly displayed when I first open them, it seems more logical to expect to find everything in a pile at the bottom or on the side due to all the traveling to get to me. It appears that the crinkly paper filler works wonders!

C. Booth Dry Oil Spray – I tried out a timid amount today on my legs that were super dry from neglect, and it was not really moisturizing. They were still dry feeling. I’ll have to try again and use a lot more. The bottle says it’s for face and body, maybe it’s not strong enough for body use? I’ll try it on my face at some point, I’m hesitant to spray oil on my face. I have been using it on my arms after showering to see if I noticed a difference, it really needs more than just one spray to moisturize. My arms really like this and it doesn’t smell perfumey. Designating this to the “Daily Use Shelf”!!

Phillip B Leave in Conditioner – This is going to my mom, she appreciates a good leave in conditioner. 🙂 My hair is not damaged enough to warrant use of this product.

Essential Luxuries – 6 Oscar de la Renta perfume samples in a drawstring bag. Santo Domingo, Granada, Oriental Lace, Mi Corazon, Sargasso, and Coralina. I can’t decide on my favorite. After smelling two, the rest smell the same! My nostrils are on data overload status. I’ll take that to mean that the average scent of these 6 perfumes = nod of approval.


SpaRitual nail polish in Solitude – This is more of a Fall purple creme polish than a summery one. I will hold off on trying this one out for a while. There are too many cute nail colors waiting to be worn before Fall!

Tarte Complexion lip stick in Medium/Tan – I tried it out on my lips and it is the feeling of a lipstick but the color content of a tinted balm, which means I can’t build it up to add color because too much product deposits on my lips. I gave this to a friend that loves this brand and has more natural daily makeup look. I prefer my lip color bright and cheery. Love me some fuschia!

This box was the last of my 3 month subscription and I did not intend on renewing. On 4th of July I checked my email right before I went to bed and saw Glossybox was offering 20% off subscriptions. In my moment of weakness I went right ahead and got another 3 months for $48 (+ tax in CA). I kicked myself for it the rest of the week because I have way overdone the June budget for beauty products and subscription boxes. Oh well, I guess you’ll be seeing 3 more reviews in the next few months!!

What do you guys think about Glossybox? Is this anyone’s favorite sub?

I can email you a referral link to sign up if you want to try your own Glossybox!

Julep Online Warehouse Sale

27 Jun


I almost completely missed the boat when Julep had an online sale last week. I managed to squeak in during the last hour when pretty much everything I liked was sold out. That was a mixed blessing because the bargain lover in me would have spent too much, and how many nail polishes does a girl really need? (Don’t answer that.)

I ended up with Popova, which looked like a Kelly green color in the photo on the website, but much darker in person. It was a TrinaTurk Fall 2012 color for $4. NOT a summer color, especially since I currently have on the neon coral Reign in Spain Color Club polish from my June Birchbox. Btw, that polish was a big hit hanging poolside with 8 girls with cocktails + dancing @night at the JW Marriott resort in Palm Desert last weekend. Fun with the girls!

I was in the mood for a $5 chunky necklace, so for $9 total I got a green nail polish a fun necklace and a sample packet of Rock Star hand cream! Small splurges are easily justified.

June’s budget is totally blown. All my little makeup purchases, trip to Palm Desert last weekend, plus trip to San Francisco first and last weekend of June to take the MAT Jump Start course. I opted to skip next month’s Julep Maven sub box. That $20 is going towards gas for this weekend!

Birchbox – June 2013

16 Jun



Alright! It’s Birchbox time! $10/month

It doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me that their logo and box are a little different than before. The mailing box is still pink, the wrapping paper inside is still pink. The website color changes and all the complaints made it seem like everything changed to square and black. This is still a cute little box.


My favorite item was the Eyeko skinny eye liner in Navy. It is a long felt tip liner pen in liquid navy blue. This is my new best friend – it makes the perfect wedge at the corner of my eyelid. No sharpening needed! Pen, not pencil. No smudge, long lasting. Cool.

2nd favorite is Reign in Spain neon coral colored Color Club nail polish. I’m so glad I got this color, it was the only one of the 4 options that I actually wanted. I was worried I was going to get the cream color similar to the bleh Zoya polish I received in last month’s Ipsy bag. I was already planning out which shadow pigment I was going to mix in to change the color! Reign in Spain is going to make its debut on my nails for the girls trip to Palm Desert next weekend. Can you say poolside at the resort any better than with a bright nail polish twinkling on your toes?

Ooh, travel size Whish Shave Cream with shea butter formula. Yes, this went directly from my Birchbox to my travel toiletries bag.

Furlesse Frown Line Reducing Patches. I’m all for trying this at some point. I hope it works! I do furrow my brow more often than I realize.

Tiny box of Glee Gum – I’ve never tried this, I like the retro packaging. Going straight into my purse.

It was an interesting idea to include the travel postcards in this month’s box to make sure we knew there was suppose to be a theme. I set those aside for now, not sure where to keep them.

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Did anyone else get the Eyeko eye liner?? Have you tried it out yet??

Julep Maven Box – June 2013

10 Jun


Julep Maven Subscription – $19.99/month

This month I switched style profiles to get the Modern Beauty. I was not super excited about any of the nail color options in the others, so glad Julep gives us the option to switch or skip a month. I added on Bunny for $4.99 and the makeup brush duo for $19.99.


Cool new product – makeup/concealer duo brush set. The picture doesn’t show this, but the tip of the large rounded brush is tapered like a cone shape. This is amazing for swiping in the creases around the nose. The smaller concealer brush is a really nice texture, it’s the first concealer brush I’ve owned, so I don’t have anything to compare with. Still have to blend in concealer with my finger after applying with this brush, but it gets more precise placement than just using my finger to apply. I don’t like using it as a dual sided brush because it doesn’t stay connected, it slips apart into two pieces while using it. Either connect it with the concealer brush huding inside the handle so there is a long handle with only the larger brush exposed, or use this as two separate travel size brushes. Also, a little annoying that the end of the concealer side handle is rounded, would be nice if it were flat so it stands up on the counter while in use.


Bunny (white creme polish with gold shimmer) was a highly overrated item.Tons of internet bloggers were so excited about it (myself included) and it seems to be mostly a let down. You can see the gold shimmer in the bottle, but it does not show up on nails. It adds volume to each coat of polish so it looked thick and a little chunky, like using White Out. I cannot recommend this particular polish to anyone.


The DD Creme looks nice on my skin, But I have to apply moisturizer first. If I skip this step, my skin is flaky and dry on my chin, forehead and around my mouth. May be better for those without dry skin. I take some responsibility for not drinking enough water, and regularly drinking coffee in the morning. I prefer Origins Vita Zing spf 15 tinted moisturizer to this product, but I am thinking about trying a blend of both for the right coverage and moisture for my face.

Yes, the  DD Concealer only has 3 grams of product – use sparingly! It is very opaque, do not overload with this. Blends in smoothly.

Chocolate, strawberry & lime salt water taffy candies were also included. That detail alone made me feel like I was at a beach boardwalk smelling the salty ocean air. Ahhhhh.

In total, this set me back about $45. I wish I had skipped this month’s box and just bought the brush, but I really wanted to try Julep’s new DD Creme. I saw someone posted a deal Julep offered to those that skipped this box – an $24.99 option for the DD Creme and the brysh duo, kicking myself for this missed saving, since that’s really what I was looking forward to.

Btw, I have been using the Yaby concealer in Honey that I got in my May Ipsy Glam Bag and I passed on my Julep concealer to a friend, no need for both.

If you are into nail polish, try Julep’s Maven Box subscription for free with code FREEBOX. Here’s my referral link, I earn points you toward a future Julep box if you sign up through my link. Thank You!