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Goodies Box – July 2013

20 Jul


Goodies Box is only $7/month + free shipping!


This box is about three to four times the dimension of a Birchbox! How can they ship this and still be profitable at $7/box? Not my problem!

Goodies Box and I had a short lived relationship. I discovered this snack food sub box, signed up, read some reviews from last month’s box that included Pringles chips, got my shipping confirmation, then cancelled my subscription thinking I was going to be getting a snack box of Pringles type of stuff. Yuck. “Not for me,” I said.

But my box is so yummy and 4 of the 5 items are not artificially flavored. This lovely box was waiting for me when I got home from work today. Warning: never open an edible subscription box right when you get home from work. Must eat allthethingsnow!! Hungry monster immediately said yum to 3 of the 5 items.

Sparkling Fruit Water in Black Raspberry, couldn’t find a link to this. Currently in my fridge, chillin’. I’ll sip on this over the weekend 🙂


Gimbals Cherry Lovers heart shaped jelly bean candy (chocolate cherry and vanilla cherry are my favorite in this bag). Too many in this bag to eat all at once, but if you need a sweet sugary treat these are perfect to have on hand to satisfy the sweet tooth. Notice the bag has been ripped open before the picture!


Cosmos Creations caramel baked corn, labeled as non gmo (100 calorie snack bag = gonesoofastmustbuymorenow!) Very tasty snack. Notice the package is also ripped open on the left!

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Original gluten free crackers – Tip: use these instead of regular tortilla chips to make nachos. Spread out on a plate, sprinkle shredded cheese, pop in the oven for a few minutes, top with fresh salsa and voila! More protein, less calories than tortilla chips, still crunchy and tasty!

Better Chip – fresh corn chips. Haven’t tried these yet, I’ll make some salsa first to try these out with.

Before I even finished this post I went and re-subscribed!

The Goodies.co website has a point system similar to Birchbox where they give you points for reviewing products. Points can be reserved for a fee box, but I haven’t yet figured out how many points ars needed. I’m glad I didn’t get the June box, check out previous boxes on their website. They do not customize the boxes, looks like everyone gets the same items. I’m happy with my first box, hope to continue enjoying this subscription – plus it’s only $7!


Ipsy Glam Bag – July 2013

17 Jul


Ipsy is $10/month (10.90 with tax in California)

Woo! 5 items this month plus a transparent vinyl hot pink cylinder shape makeup bag. Last month’s leopard print bag has been the perfect makeup bag to fit in my purse.This month’s bag I’m sure I will find a use for, especially since my makeup collection is quickly expanding!!


BH Cosmetics Sample eyeshadow trio. One color each from three new makeup palettes in the California Collection, $10 each their website. I think everyone received these same colors. The purple on the left was hard to photograph, it’s a beautiful shade!


POP Beauty lip crayon in Coral Crush. This color is perfect for me. It looks more pink than the cool orange I had feared. No sharpening, it’s a twist up! My friend got her Ipsy bag today, too, and she got Fuschia Flirt. That looked like a cooler toned baby pink than a fuschia imho.


Coral Crush on top, Fuschia Flirt on bottom. Without flash the colors look almost the same, you can see the difference better with the flash. Glad I got coral, it’s such a cute color! Despite the names, these are not so crazy looking as they sound.

Coola tinted moisturizer spf 20. This has been getting good reviews. Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow morning. 7ml sample is enough to use for at least a week, me thinks.

Derma e microdermabrasion scrub. Ill try this out in my morning shower. I have used a similar product by dermalogica that I really liked, it was too pricey for me to continue using it. I’m happy to try this new sample. 1oz it’s enough to find out if I really like it.

Healthy Sexy Hair soy renewal beach spray 1.7oz. Conditions and texturizes. Mixed reviews with this one. I’ll have to wait for the weekend to spray this in my hair, I’m not sure what it will do. Make it look greasy? Chunky? Piecey? We shall find out.

I’ve heard some people complain about not receiving the teaser item, Benefit’s Benetint, but I am totally happy with my items this month! I may give away the eyeshadow trio, though the purple would look kick ass if used as an eyeliner color. Wonder how the BH shadows look if applied wet? I love this subscription, it has yet to disappoint me for the value received for my $10 a month.

Did you like this month’s Ipsy bag? What was your favorite?