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March Starlooks Box

26 Mar


Starlooks Starbox Subscription – $15/month. Ends up costing me around $17.68 with shipping every month.


(Nail polish is Revlon ColorStay in “Delicious” and matches my new lipstick perfectly!)

The March Starbox box brought me a bright red lipstick in the color “Kinky” ($12 retail), a lip liner in “Cherry Cedar” ($12 retail), a longwear eyeliner pot in “black hole” (retail $13).

This month was curated by a youtube make up artist Ashley Hackman. I’ve never heard of her, so I’ll have to check her out

I really like the quality of the starlooks makeup, but I do worry that I’ll get sent random colors each month! This red, for example, is too cool toned for my complexion. The anticipation is addicting, though.

Try out their monthly subscription box with my referral link, please!


My First Starbox – June 2013

1 Jul


Star box is $15/month + tax in CA = about $17

I was feeling left out not having tried out this subscription. It’s always a lovely feeling to support a company directly, Starbox only includes makeup from their own line, Star looks. Ipsy subscribers each received one of three different colors (Bare, Tipsy, Tickled Pink) of a lip liner pencil in the June glam bag. Their payment system is funny, whichever month you make your first payment you will not receive your first box until the following month.


The peace sign button is cute if I was in middle school or if I had a daughter that age, otherwise it seems kind of silly.

This bronzer is way way way better than the “Bronze Goddess” NYX creme cheek color I got in June Ipsy bag (too dark/muddy for cheeks) I gave it to my friend and she uses it as a creme shadow! I thought the Star looks bronzer was going to be the same as one I have from theBalm that is so pigmented I hardly wear it on my face, but this one is now the best one in my collection. It is a sheer enough color to build up more if I want, it really looks natural and blends in very well and not overtly shimmery! Yay!

Just used the black definer pen yesterday and I didn’t realize it was a very skinny marker pen applicator, like an even smaller version of the navy blue Eyeko Skinny Liner I got in my June Birchbox. This is really precise, making it easier to fill in a straight line along lashes, plus easier to color in a cat eye shape I wore for brunch yesterday. Highly recommend this product! As many eye liners as I have, this is unique enough to guarantee that you will not regret purchasing it to add to anyone’s makeup bag of tricks.

…and then there was the white pencil. Okay, I have seen tutorials where beauty gurus use this as an indispensable item in a makeup collection, but it feels over the top for me no matter how I try it. Application is smooth like melting butter, perhaps I may try this in a different color. Like the idea, but it’s not for me right now. This will be kept on hand for experimentation until I can pull it off.
The info card said they always include a little crystal, this looks like a 2 or 3 inch piece of clear quartz. I have two big quartz chunks in my window sill, now they have a baby crystal to keep them company, how cute!! Love this!!

Overall I really liked 3 of the 5 items. This was my first sub box from Star Looks. I wanted to try out the quality of the products without committing to a monthly subscription, so I ended up canceling it after I ordered my first box before I even received it. I didn’t want to be charged for another month if it turned out I didn’t like this one. I wish I had stayed on for a July box, now I’ll have to wait until August! I want to sign up and try it again, but it’s such a long wait. Hmm, I’ll wait until my next paycheck this month to decide about rejoining Starbox. Here’s a link to check it out yourself!