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Julep March Lucky Mystery Box – Aislinn

26 Mar


Nail colors: Cassie, Lexie, Any, Jennifer, Kennedy, Tracy, Aislinn, Tatiana, and Gianna is the gold glitter at the top.

Julep $24.99 Lucky Mystery Box + $10 upgrade at check out + used a coupon for a free gold polish! $34.99 total.

9 polishes, a mint condition pedi creme, plus a clear polish and two neon powder dipping set for a textured nail look. Bonus 2 packets of forget me not flower seeds. The three colors on the left were the $10 upgrade, damn that lack of impulse control!
This is Aislinn. It was a neat polish, but it was so terrible to remove that I might just throw it away. Aside from the difficulty of removing glitter polish, it dyed my skin a dark bluish green that didn’t go away for two days. Wear at your own risk!

Remember, you can get your first Julep box free with choice FREEBOX, you will only pay the shipping fee.


Julep Online Warehouse Sale

27 Jun


I almost completely missed the boat when Julep had an online sale last week. I managed to squeak in during the last hour when pretty much everything I liked was sold out. That was a mixed blessing because the bargain lover in me would have spent too much, and how many nail polishes does a girl really need? (Don’t answer that.)

I ended up with Popova, which looked like a Kelly green color in the photo on the website, but much darker in person. It was a TrinaTurk Fall 2012 color for $4. NOT a summer color, especially since I currently have on the neon coral Reign in Spain Color Club polish from my June Birchbox. Btw, that polish was a big hit hanging poolside with 8 girls with cocktails + dancing @night at the JW Marriott resort in Palm Desert last weekend. Fun with the girls!

I was in the mood for a $5 chunky necklace, so for $9 total I got a green nail polish a fun necklace and a sample packet of Rock Star hand cream! Small splurges are easily justified.

June’s budget is totally blown. All my little makeup purchases, trip to Palm Desert last weekend, plus trip to San Francisco first and last weekend of June to take the MAT Jump Start course. I opted to skip next month’s Julep Maven sub box. That $20 is going towards gas for this weekend!

Julep Maven Box – June 2013

10 Jun


Julep Maven Subscription – $19.99/month

This month I switched style profiles to get the Modern Beauty. I was not super excited about any of the nail color options in the others, so glad Julep gives us the option to switch or skip a month. I added on Bunny for $4.99 and the makeup brush duo for $19.99.


Cool new product – makeup/concealer duo brush set. The picture doesn’t show this, but the tip of the large rounded brush is tapered like a cone shape. This is amazing for swiping in the creases around the nose. The smaller concealer brush is a really nice texture, it’s the first concealer brush I’ve owned, so I don’t have anything to compare with. Still have to blend in concealer with my finger after applying with this brush, but it gets more precise placement than just using my finger to apply. I don’t like using it as a dual sided brush because it doesn’t stay connected, it slips apart into two pieces while using it. Either connect it with the concealer brush huding inside the handle so there is a long handle with only the larger brush exposed, or use this as two separate travel size brushes. Also, a little annoying that the end of the concealer side handle is rounded, would be nice if it were flat so it stands up on the counter while in use.


Bunny (white creme polish with gold shimmer) was a highly overrated item.Tons of internet bloggers were so excited about it (myself included) and it seems to be mostly a let down. You can see the gold shimmer in the bottle, but it does not show up on nails. It adds volume to each coat of polish so it looked thick and a little chunky, like using White Out. I cannot recommend this particular polish to anyone.


The DD Creme looks nice on my skin, But I have to apply moisturizer first. If I skip this step, my skin is flaky and dry on my chin, forehead and around my mouth. May be better for those without dry skin. I take some responsibility for not drinking enough water, and regularly drinking coffee in the morning. I prefer Origins Vita Zing spf 15 tinted moisturizer to this product, but I am thinking about trying a blend of both for the right coverage and moisture for my face.

Yes, the  DD Concealer only has 3 grams of product – use sparingly! It is very opaque, do not overload with this. Blends in smoothly.

Chocolate, strawberry & lime salt water taffy candies were also included. That detail alone made me feel like I was at a beach boardwalk smelling the salty ocean air. Ahhhhh.

In total, this set me back about $45. I wish I had skipped this month’s box and just bought the brush, but I really wanted to try Julep’s new DD Creme. I saw someone posted a deal Julep offered to those that skipped this box – an $24.99 option for the DD Creme and the brysh duo, kicking myself for this missed saving, since that’s really what I was looking forward to.

Btw, I have been using the Yaby concealer in Honey that I got in my May Ipsy Glam Bag and I passed on my Julep concealer to a friend, no need for both.

If you are into nail polish, try Julep’s Maven Box subscription for free with code FREEBOX. Here’s my referral link, I earn points you toward a future Julep box if you sign up through my link. Thank You!

Julep Maven Box – May 2013

5 May


Julep Maven May Box – $19.99/month
This was part of the 3 boxes that were delivered the same day!! May Julep, April Glossybox, and my Birchbox order! I guess Julep ships really early in the month, you should have Serb my expression when I saw I received 3 boxes to open! Squee 🙂


This month’s box debuted Julep’s new line of lipsticks, I got a trio of mini colors.



New York Jazz Trio. Sheer shimmery nude, sheer coral, matte red.


Set of 4 hair pins.


2 Nail Polishes – Alice (lavender with shimmer)  and Millie (indigo creme)


I have been wearing the sheer orange lipstick and I really really like it. It smells like tangerine and it looks pretty natural with a few coats. The pale color lipstick is just like a gloss with a hint of shimmer, and the red doesn’t actually look good on me, I will probably give these too my sister. It was a bit of a let down that only one of the 3 lipsticks work for me, and I am not really a fan of Millie, the dark nail polish color. I had high hopes for this high $ value May Julep Maven box. After actually trying the products, it left me feeling kind of “eh” for the first time since my subscription box addiction began. I’m not giving up, though! Let’s see what Julep sends next month….

If you are interested in trying Julep, here is my referral link to help me earn points. Be sure to use discount code FREEBOX to get your intro box for free (+$3.99 for shipping)

May Julep Boxes Revealed!

20 Apr

may julep

Julep just sent me an email with info on the May Julep Maven Box!! The theme for next month’s subscription boxes is a 1920’s style Set the Stage. The picture above links to Julep’s youtube video showing their new lipstick colors on 3 different women with different complexions.


My style profile is “Boho Glam” I will be receiving 3 of their soon to be launched lipsticks!! WOO!


After watching their youtube video with their new colors, I decided to stay with my Boho Glam box instead of switching to another style profile. It will include the New York Jazz Lipstick Trio (above).


The bubblegum pink color in the Paris Jazz Lipstick Trio (above) I think is not for me.


One person’s box will include $1,000 worth of 1920’s style jewelry, plus there is an add on option for $39.99 for a Mother’s Day gift (1 candle, 2 polishes, 1 greeting card).

Definitely not skipping this month’s Julep Maven Box! $19.99 is so worth 3 lipsticks and 2 nail polishes – and they start shipping on 4/27!! Yippee!

I don’t think the freebox code applies to this box, you might have to already be subscribed as a Julep Maven Member?

Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box

18 Apr


Julep’s Sea Salt Mystery Box arrived today! I got mystery box 2.

4 colors

Left to right: Lauren ($14) (semi-matte hot pink creme), Meryl ($14) (grey creme), Sadie ($14) (black sea salt textured), Gunta ($14) (Trina Turk Fall 2012 navy blue creme), Nail File ($1), Pedicure Spacers ($2), and Pomegranate Body Creme ($18).

The Sea Salt polish looks like someone dumped a ton of sparkly sugar onto the nail polish. It goes on really thick, as opposed to Lauren (pink) and Meryl (grey) I had to use 2 coats for an opaque finish. Gunta is super opaque, only used one coat.

I have to give kudos for the ingredients list of the Pomegranate Body Creme – Most of the ingredients are in English, not like a list of chemicals.

On my thumb is left over from this weekend’s Sation pale pink polish that came in my Ipsy subscription box – by the way I’ve been wearing that matte hot pink  Be a Bombshell “Beach Please” blush every day this week! It took a little practice to apply with a light hand, it’s such a strong color!


So far I have seen reviews for 3 different Julep Sea Salt Mystery Boxes, and I like my colors the best! Woohoo!! Honesty, I will probably never wear the navy blue Gunta, but  Lauren and Meryl will get soo much it will make up for the navy blue. My neighbor already asked to borrow Meryl 🙂

Total value $77 . I paid $24.99. Yay for me!

It may only be open to Julep Maven subscribers as an early release, I didn’t see the 3 individual sea salt colors on sale yet. If you want to try your first box free, use code FREEBOX to discount the $19.99 fee, you will only pay shipping , but shipping is included in future Julep subscription and mystery boxes. Also, if you enter my referral code it will help me earn Julep points- 11808027.

I just got my first Birchbox and my first Beauty Box 5 in the mail – I’ll post pictures shortly of what I got!! Officially a subscription box addict!! Doesn’t it make you feel so special to receive surprise gifts from yourself?? haha 😉

Julep Mystery Box!

12 Apr

I couldn’t help but purchase the new Sea Salt Mystery Box $24.99!

I Received my first Julep Maven box last week and now I ordered this limited edition mystery box! Julep orders ship super fast, it’s a going to be awesome! One of the “Sea Salt Matte Finish” nail colors will be in every mystery box worth $70-$200. Here’s the link to the description, I would love to see reviews of what other people get in their mystery boxes!

I don’t know if this item is only available for Julep Maven subscribers or not. The monthly subscription box shows us what we will be getting (and you can pass for the month if you want to).

That’s why this mystery box is so tantalizing!! It’s a mystery! What a tease! It seems like there is a different mystery box every couple of months separate from their monthly Julep Maven subscription.

If you would like to sign up for Julep’s monthly subscription box ($19.99/mo; use code FREEBOX for your first box FREE), this is my referral link.

Did anyone else out there buy this box?