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June Glossybox Arrived Late!

16 Jul


Glossybox – $60/3 months or $21/month


I started this review over a week ago and I forgot that I never finished posting it, so now my June box review is really really late!!! Better late than never?

Glossybox built up a lot of hype for June’s box. It was a special box made by fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw. Instead of the usual pink box, this month was white with a fashion doll printed on the lid. It arrived on July 3rd, but I left town and didn’t get back home until Friday evening, July 6th, so this review is way late!


I am often surprised to find box contents neatly displayed when I first open them, it seems more logical to expect to find everything in a pile at the bottom or on the side due to all the traveling to get to me. It appears that the crinkly paper filler works wonders!

C. Booth Dry Oil Spray – I tried out a timid amount today on my legs that were super dry from neglect, and it was not really moisturizing. They were still dry feeling. I’ll have to try again and use a lot more. The bottle says it’s for face and body, maybe it’s not strong enough for body use? I’ll try it on my face at some point, I’m hesitant to spray oil on my face. I have been using it on my arms after showering to see if I noticed a difference, it really needs more than just one spray to moisturize. My arms really like this and it doesn’t smell perfumey. Designating this to the “Daily Use Shelf”!!

Phillip B Leave in Conditioner – This is going to my mom, she appreciates a good leave in conditioner. 🙂 My hair is not damaged enough to warrant use of this product.

Essential Luxuries – 6 Oscar de la Renta perfume samples in a drawstring bag. Santo Domingo, Granada, Oriental Lace, Mi Corazon, Sargasso, and Coralina. I can’t decide on my favorite. After smelling two, the rest smell the same! My nostrils are on data overload status. I’ll take that to mean that the average scent of these 6 perfumes = nod of approval.


SpaRitual nail polish in Solitude – This is more of a Fall purple creme polish than a summery one. I will hold off on trying this one out for a while. There are too many cute nail colors waiting to be worn before Fall!

Tarte Complexion lip stick in Medium/Tan – I tried it out on my lips and it is the feeling of a lipstick but the color content of a tinted balm, which means I can’t build it up to add color because too much product deposits on my lips. I gave this to a friend that loves this brand and has more natural daily makeup look. I prefer my lip color bright and cheery. Love me some fuschia!

This box was the last of my 3 month subscription and I did not intend on renewing. On 4th of July I checked my email right before I went to bed and saw Glossybox was offering 20% off subscriptions. In my moment of weakness I went right ahead and got another 3 months for $48 (+ tax in CA). I kicked myself for it the rest of the week because I have way overdone the June budget for beauty products and subscription boxes. Oh well, I guess you’ll be seeing 3 more reviews in the next few months!!

What do you guys think about Glossybox? Is this anyone’s favorite sub?

I can email you a referral link to sign up if you want to try your own Glossybox!


Glossybox – May 2013

31 May


May Glossybox – My subscription is for $60 for 3 months, otherwise it is $21/month.

This is the box that burst my box subscription box bubble.


It’s been so thrilling receiving these subscription boxes over the last two months that it was bound to start tapering off. Am I jaded? Over box-stimulated? Looking a gift horse in the mouth? Whatever it is, I wasn’t nearly as thrilled with this month’s Glossybox as I was with April’s box. I LOVED my April box (TIGI Glow Blush is SO worth the entire box)! I think since I have never heard of any of this month’s brands and I don’t normally use masks or go to waxing salons and I just received a great black kohl eyeliner & Coolway styling spray in my Beauty Box 5, I don’t wear perfume very often, I didn’t find anything that I just couldn’t wait to bust out of the package to use. All in good time, I suppose.

Sebastian Volupt Spray Gel – approx $4. I am skeptical of the gel part, hoping it’s not like a crispy hair gel product.

Etre Belle Collagen & Aloe Vera Hydro Mask – $39 for 10. My boyfriend does more facial masks than me, but maybe I’ll try it out myself.

Nicka K Perfume Stick – I am not a perfume person, but Glossybox managed to find a scent I can handle. I really really like this, it has an earthy fresh scent that it’s not a synthetic chemical/alcohol smell and fits on lightly so you can build it up if you wash want or just have a light layer. I would love to see this as a scented candle!

Extreme Lashes by Jo Mouselli Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Xtreme Black & Pencil Sharpener – at first I was like “oh ok, another black pencil” buy NO. This only takes a very light touch to apply a dense black line = mop tugging on eye lids. Warning! You will need a really awesome makeup remover to clean this off, it really is going to be a long lasting liner. Of course I removed the cap, dropped the pencil, broke the tip off completely, re-sharpened it and then got to try it. Remove cap gently, ladies! #clumsy lol

Epionce Intense Defence Anti-Age + Repair Serum – Um, full size 30ml is $136, so upon closer inspection I am more excited to try this pricey sample.

European Wax Center Exfoliating and Slow It Body Lotion Sample Packet + Coupon for FREE wax at one of their salons.

I have to say that my favorite part about receiving Glossybox is their presentation with the girlie pink box and the pink ribbon wrapped innards. This is one classy looking package to get delivered! I am building my excitement for the gel eyeliner pencil – how thoughtful to include a sharpener! Though I may complain about not being as excited for this month’s box of products, I am choosing the Extreme Lashes Gel eyeliner pencil as the validation item for this box. Also looking forward to the Sebastion Volupt Spray. The test for this spray will be using it and blow drying my hair – does it make my hair super frizzy like it usually gets or does it solve that problem??

I know this isn’t the most glowing review, but it you do want to try out a Glossybox subscription, here is my referral link: Sign up here

I haven’t actually referred anyone yet and I’m not sure how the referral points work (aka “glossy dots”), maybe I can use referral points towards a future box to review?

Was anyone actually excited for this month’s Glossybox contents? What was your favorite?


My First Glossybox – April 2013

4 May


Okay finally got my April Glossybox! I signed up for a 3 month subscription, so it costs me $20 per box instead of $21. This arrived the last day of April. I like that they ship at the end of the month because I have been receiving my box subscriptions all month long 🙂 Special girl.


As soon as this box was opened my boyfriend claimed the Honest Co. lip balm for him. Maybe I should start getting him his own subscription boxes so he doesn’t feel left out. I got a great lip balm in my first Eco Emi box, so now we both have new lip balm.

The TIGI Glow Blush in “Haute” is not as weird as I thought it would look on me. It’s like a bronzy plum color, but it feels silky and natural when applied lightly. It does look like a healthy “glow”. I saw lots of complaints on Glossybox’s Facebook page about this color, but if you apply lightly it should give a barely there hint of glow, also it’s very blendable. With a pink blush you can blend in for if you have lighter skin tone to make it look more natural. Some people got a more normal shade of pink blush that I would like to see a review of.
I layered “Haute” on my cheek a little heavy so you can see the color in the picture, but really I only need to apply half that amount.
Wash with Joe Coffee Body Wash. Very interested in trying this!

Alterna Boho Waves Spray – Yeah! I have high hopes for this!

Bvlgari White Tea Bag for Bath – I know I will use this, but I wonder if I will be bathing in perfume smell. Anyone tried this yet?

Le Metiere De Beaute – Never heard of this, always up for trying a new moisturizer!
This was a winning box because of the blush alone worth $22. I have never tried any of these brands, so it’s always a nice surprise to discover new things that I will actually use and like.

Thanks Glossybox, so far so good!