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Eco Emi – June 2013

27 Jun


A seasonally appropriate Eco Emi box ($15/month) arrived today with its contents wrapped in a star spangled bandana with multi sized red, white & blue metallic star confetti. There is a separate postcard with photo suggestions how to use the banana, I’ve already lost it, though! This is the kind of personal touch that you don’t get in other subscription boxes.


You can’t tell from this photo, but the Beanitos chips have already been opened and scarfed down. They were a little spicy, just how I like it!

Here’s a close up off the All Natural Face Lip and Cheek cream in Peachy Rose and the Purely You Minerals Vegan Bronzer. The lip and cheek cream really is an all around usable shade for every day. The bronzer powder is just a touch darker than my skin tone with only a hint of shimmer. This is almost the exact opposite of the NYX “bronze goddess” color I got in my Ipsy Glam Bag this month. Thank goodness. I will have to try this out, though there is a concern with it being a loose powder it could get a lil messy. I am starting to really like these mineral makeup samples I’ve been getting in my Eco Emi and my Beauty Box 5 monthly boxes

In addition to the four items mentioned so far, my box also contained:
Badger Cuticle Care shea cream,
Surf Sweets Gluten free gummy bears,
Nelson’s Pure & Clear cleansing wipes,
Desert Essence Coconut hand and body lotion, and
Organic wheatgrass heirloom seeds (24 seeds, enough for a 6″ pot.) Coincidentally, my boyfriend and I have started juicing in the morning 2 days ago and these little “liquid sunshine” seeds should grow pretty quickly to add some wheat grass to the new routine.


Eco Emi is one of my favorite subscriptions. It is a lesser known subscription box brand, they don’t have much activity on their Facebook page like the other big name boxes. The focus is on eco friendly items, usually two or three makeup/beauty items, one or two food items, two or three bath/body items, plus other products equaling 8-10 items per box. Check them out if you are into more natural ingredients in your products. A lot of these items I have only found at Whole foods, this is a great way to try out brands you may not see in bigger stores.

They are having a sale right now for $15 you can get one of their past boxes as a single purchase, not a recurring membership. I think they are selling them until they sell out! Check it out here


Eco Emi Box – May 2013

26 May


May Eco Emi box had 9 items! $15/month subscription for eco friendly items. Its a recurring PayPal payment each month that can be canceled any time.



There are so many items in this box, the print on the card has to be super tiny to tell us all about it!


Here is a closeup of the Suncoat nail polish (clear with gold glitter) – $8. This is a water based polish, totally free of any chemicals! “Soak nails in water for 3 minutes to remove polish”. How cool is that?

Suncoat mascara in navy blue – Vegan, all natural ingredients – $15. I have been using this the last two days and I am impressed, I hate to admit I thought it might suck since it’s all natural. It lengthened and coated my lashes without clumping or flaking, it comes off easily with my usual thebalm carrot eye makeup remover.

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques eye shadow powder in pink champagne – $9. Last month we got a creme shadow from the same brand, I use it as a primer since it is a really sheer creme color with some shimmer. I bet this powder color will go well over the creme from last month. Note that the container has a built in sifter, unlike the Ferro and Brazen mineral eyeshadows in my May and April Beauty Box 5.

I have been using the Mongo Kiss lip balm at night before bed, until yesterday my boyfriend took it! They sell it at Whole Foods for $1.99 – definitely recommend, plus I like that it’s fatter than regular chapstick tubes.

Okay, after 2 months of this box I have to say I love it. It’s a few brands I have heard of, mostly new brands to discover that are lesser known eco friendly options. I am a fan of my Eco Emi Box! No referral benefits, but I do recommend trying it out if you are looking to support finding new, natural, earth friendly products and brands

My First Eco Emi Box – April

1 May


Eco Emi Subscription Box – $15

I got 8 items in my Eco Emi box!!! I don’t remember how I came across this box, there aren’t many people reviewing it. It caught my eye because it seems to be smaller distribution promoting an eco friendly lifestyle with small, eco-companies contributing items towards a box. Plus, for $15 a month you get at least 5, up to 10 products!!

Check out the two sided post card with a description of what I got: (I will update later with coupon codes that are included – check the bottom of the page.)



I was very excited to get this box. This is the April box, arrived on 4/29/13, it was my first box! It’s curated by a woman putting together her fave eco friendly items.


Too many products to post individual pictures!

Oluv Salve – This is a lovely salve. It almost melts at the touch of your finger, so I used an un-noticeably small amount on my cuticles, this little tub will last a while. Good to have on hand, also says to use to heal wounds. It has shea butter, which heals scars. 10% off code ECO at

Lauren Brooke creme eyeshadow in Dahlia. Transparent pink with shimmer, this is also a primer. There’s not much color, but works smoothly under powder eyeshadow as a shimmery primer. I would not use this alone, only as a shadow base. 15% off code ECOEMISAVER

Rainwater Botanicals Dead Sea Mud. This is literally a small container of mud! I used it on my face yesterday, it really tightened all the pores and I only used a thin layer.

Colorganics Organic Hemp Shine Lipstick (in the main photo at the top)- Full size. It’s in a lipstick tube, but it feels like a solid chapstick. I appreciate the classiness of the lipstick tube, but my boyfriend will use this one, too, but he will not be leaving the house with it.

Shea Radience Hair Milk – It’s for curly hair, so this will be for my 2 1/2 year old niece to tame her cute, curly unruly hair 🙂 20% off code ECO2013 until 6/30/13

Those are the highlights listed. I’ve never seen the Crystal deodorant wipes before, those will be great to throw in my bag for workout days.

Aura Cacia Mineral Bath – Oh hell yes this will be utilized. ‘Nuff said.

Simply Organic Guacamole Dip – Ehhh, maybe I’m spoiled by California avocados, I prefer to make my own guacamole and salsa and would never use a pre-made packet. I have too much pride in my guac skills, but ego aside I will try this product for the sake of trying it. **UPDATE- I added this spice packet to 4 avocados, half tomato, 3 limes and it was pretty good! There are no directions on the packet, though.**

So far I haven’t regretted signing up for, what, seven? eight? different box subscriptions, I can’t even keep track of everything I have committed myself to this month!

April has been my first month of subscription boxes and everything has been an awesome surprise, things I wouldn’t buy on my own. Love this sample box idea!!!

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