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June Birchbox

18 Jun


Love the colorful box this month!


Davine’s SU hair and body wash. The bottle says it’s a good wash to use for sensitive skin. I LOVED the last Davine’s  shampoo and conditioner sample that birchbox sent, but the shampoo is regularly $26 for a normal size bottle. I could never justify spending that much. I own the Davine’s leave in conditioner spray, it’s really nice.

Benefit Gimme Brow. It’s a tinted brow volumizing gel. I didn’t notice volume, but does work as a gel. Mine is marked with a 3, which I assume is the color for dark brown,  though it doesn’t deposit heavy color.
– Coola spf 30 sunscreen. I’m a fan of getting sunscreen samples. It’s a practical product that will get used up. This sample will probably last one day hiking or a day trip to the beach,  perfect size to toss into a travel bag.
Oribe dry texturizing spray. I saw a birchbox tutorial using this, I’m looking forward to trying it out.
Ardency Inn modster black eyeliner. I’ve received a different eyeliner that I wasn’t  a fan of from Glossybox. It had a brush applicator, so you would be painting your eyelid black. Yeah, I never used it. I’m more willing to try this pencil style, though.

I noticed that there is a padding layer at the bottom of the box now,  that is a great idea. That will protect the products more than shipping in a piece of tissue paper. The winners this month for sure are the Benefit brow gel and the Davine’s body wash. Those will definitely be used up asap!

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February Birchbox!

14 Feb



Birchbox Limited Edition Strong Start Box

29 Jan


$45 Strong Start Limited Edition Box

I finally used my birchbox points toward a purchase! I had 400 points built up from my subscription and reviews of products,  so I only paid $5 plus tax for this box! Ahh! So cool.

I love the BKR water bottle. It’s 500ml, glass with a silicon sleeve outside. It has a small opening to drink from so it won’t splash on your face like most water bottles.

I used the Arrow lip balm immediately while I was opening the box.

I love the Whish shave cream (I’ve received a sample I’ve my birchbox a long time ago) but I could never justify spending $20/bottle!

The Acure wipes and the Bombas socks are super practical.

Headphones from JLab, I already own a few but I’m sure they’ll come in handy after losing a pair! It’s inevitable. Maybe these will be better quality.

Eyeko waterproof/sweatproof  eyeliner….I have no verdict yet, I’ll have to use it to see how it compares to others I’ve used.

I’m excited to try the Supergoop setting mist! I don’t have anything like it.

Overall, very cool box. Look out for birchbox coupon to get it cheaper than $45!

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I already own 2 Klorane dry shampoos, I like it, but I don’t use it very often.

Birchbox – July 2013 Least favorite so far

19 Jul


Birchbox $10/month subscription


I couldn’t wait for my box to arrive this month. I was dying to get the Balm’s sample of their new InStain blush. Since I’m in California I have found out that it takes a lot longer for my box to arrive than everyone else in the country. I had to peak in my account online to see what I would be receiving. No theBalm, but I was getting a Benefit product so that was a great trade off in my mind. I don’t currently own any Benefit makeup.


Dissapointed to get Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in Nutmeg. Too bad it’s not even close to being my color, even if I spent everyday at the beach for a month. I will have to give away the only product I was excited about receiving. I think this color may work for my friend next door (also gets Birchbox sub and didn’t get this in her box). I hope so that it doesn’t go to waste.

That makes the “beauty extra” Bobby Pins the runner up for taking over as my favorite item in this month’s box. I will use these to keep my hair off my face at work, they’re cute!

TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray is a large sample size at 2.3oz. This will stay on my shelf and I’m sure will come in handy some day. +extra cool points for hot pink and orange packaging.

Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion sample foil packet. Okay, enough with the bronzer and self tanners. I haven’t tried out any of these types of products yet that I have received over the last few months in boxes. This is “easily removed with water”, aka don’t use this at beach or pool scenario. Tossing this in my box with other foil packey size samples to use some day.

G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream. Never heard of it, but I do appreciate a good face cream with my perpetually dry skin. “Apply morning and night.” Okay, front of shelf status and this 3ml sample will be enjoyed within a week. It’s French, so sassy to use a French face cream. Oh yeah.


I suppose it could be worse. Still, these are all nice brands and even though I was hoping for something else in my box, I will probably use 3 of the 5 samples. Wish I could have skipped this month’s box and just spent $5 for a set of 6 of these cute Bobby Pins from Birchbox. We pay for the excitement of a box of mystery items, I suppose. Can’t win them all.

I need some uplifting. Either make me some guacamole with chips, or tell me something nice about your Birchbox this month!! What was your box’s highlight for July??

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Birchbox – June 2013

16 Jun



Alright! It’s Birchbox time! $10/month

It doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me that their logo and box are a little different than before. The mailing box is still pink, the wrapping paper inside is still pink. The website color changes and all the complaints made it seem like everything changed to square and black. This is still a cute little box.


My favorite item was the Eyeko skinny eye liner in Navy. It is a long felt tip liner pen in liquid navy blue. This is my new best friend – it makes the perfect wedge at the corner of my eyelid. No sharpening needed! Pen, not pencil. No smudge, long lasting. Cool.

2nd favorite is Reign in Spain neon coral colored Color Club nail polish. I’m so glad I got this color, it was the only one of the 4 options that I actually wanted. I was worried I was going to get the cream color similar to the bleh Zoya polish I received in last month’s Ipsy bag. I was already planning out which shadow pigment I was going to mix in to change the color! Reign in Spain is going to make its debut on my nails for the girls trip to Palm Desert next weekend. Can you say poolside at the resort any better than with a bright nail polish twinkling on your toes?

Ooh, travel size Whish Shave Cream with shea butter formula. Yes, this went directly from my Birchbox to my travel toiletries bag.

Furlesse Frown Line Reducing Patches. I’m all for trying this at some point. I hope it works! I do furrow my brow more often than I realize.

Tiny box of Glee Gum – I’ve never tried this, I like the retro packaging. Going straight into my purse.

It was an interesting idea to include the travel postcards in this month’s box to make sure we knew there was suppose to be a theme. I set those aside for now, not sure where to keep them.

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Did anyone else get the Eyeko eye liner?? Have you tried it out yet??

Birchbox Order

1 May


Okay, I didn’t give the Caudalie oil a good review initially when I wrote the April Birchbox post, but I have since fell in love with it enough to buy it. I would refer you to the link to purchase, but it has since sold out in the Birchbox shop! I bought the 15 ml option for $10, there is also a larger option for $39. The very subtle scent is really addicting. It’s like walking down the street when jasmine is in bloom, but not as potent.

I got the Hail Mary chocolate macaroons as an extra in my April box. For $5 I thought it was a nice treat. Made from real food, no preservatives or synthetic ingredients. They melt in your mouth, yum! Totally will buy these again, too!!

So in this case, Birchbox sample subscription business model worked on me for these products that I had never heard of before and now I love them. Good job, Birchbox!

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My First Birchbox April 2013

20 Apr

Birchbox april

April 2013 Birchbox!

Okay, I paid my $10 and added a Birchbox monthly subscription to my budget. Was I the last one to receive Birchbox this month? Arrived 4/18.  A week ago I got my first Ipsy subscription bag and was so thrilled by it that this Birchbox doesn’t seem as wonderful by comparison, but it’s like apples and oranges. Ipsy is mostly makeup, no makeup in my Birchbox.

vertical april birchboxCaudalie Divine Oil – Grape, argan, hibiscus, and sesame oil blend to use on skin, hair and nails. I tried a little bit on my arm and it was all absorbed into my skin! Such a nice feeling rather than a sticky lotion BUT it has an added parfum ingredient in it and I cannot stand overly smelly products. If this came in a NON-perfume version I would probably get the 100ml $39 size of this, my boyfriend would also use it as a moisturizer. So close, Caudalie, so close.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream in Warm Glow – I used this today and I totally approve of the light, tinted coverage! I was expecting a thick cream, but this absorbed into my skin and did not leave a layer of product smeared everywhere. Added a subtle evenness so it looks like my skin is naturally healthy. Feels more like a primer to wear under a foundation. Wore it yesterday with my new Be a Bombshell “Beach Please” blush (code IPSY30 for 30% off and Free pink eyeshadow) and got 3 compliments at work on my “glowing skin” before 10am on Friday! That Never happens!

Ojon Deep Conditioner – This has really good reviews, but I will be giving this away to my sister. My hair is too thin for a heavy conditioner.

Supergoop! SPF 40 Anti-Aging Eye Cream Hmm, maybe a good idea to try this for long walks with dog. I am probably at the age to start using something like this, however, I doubt I will buy the full size $45 version.

April 2013 BirchboxHail Merry Chocolate Macaroons – Lifestyle Extra. These would taste better if the package didn’t say macaroons, I was expecting something different. These are melt-in-your-mouth real coconut and cocoa balls. Impressed that Birchbox went there, not sure most people will like this type of product. No added sugars, organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-gmo, kosher, raw treat. Maple syrup, dark cocoa, coconut oil, vanilla, and sea salt are the only ingredients! Brave Birchbox – good for you! I liked these and will definitely buy some. $5 for a 3.5oz bag

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Cleanser, Serum and Lotion Sample – Beauty Extra. The sample of exfoliating cleanser is a product I would like to use maybe once or twice a week, it was smooth and silky – not strip-your-skin rough like an apricot scrub, but it would be an added step to my normal routine.

My winning items: Hail Merry Macaroons, Juice Beauty CC Cream, sample foil of Elizabeth Arden exfoliating Cleanser.

I’m not sure about this box, though I have to say it’s been really exciting seeing other reviews of this months Birchbox and seeing such a HUGE variety, it becomes very suspenseful waiting to see what came in MY box!! I’m glad I didn’t get the color changing nail polish, I have too many polishes (especially with my new Julep Maven Monthly Subscription Box) I’ll keep Birchbox another month at least 😉

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I want to see pictures and reviews of what’s in YOUR box this month! What was your favorite item?