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Beauty Box 5 – June 2013

25 Jun


Beauty Box 5 – $12/month, $100/year subscription

In my June Beauty Box 5 box:

Coolway Shampoo & Conditioner,

2 Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer Packets,

and a Brazen mineral eyeshadow in Skinny Dipping = 6 items.


I immediately took the loose mineral shadow to my bathroom sink and added just enough alcohol to cover all the powder. Let it set for a few hours, the excess alcohol will evaporate and leave behind a solid shadow, much more manageable to use, less messy than a loose shadow.


Here’s a close up after it dried. It has a pretty pink iridescent sheen. I’m going to wear this one to work tomorrow!


I saw BB5 got some flack on Facebook for including a Brazen shadow again and Coolway brand products two months in a row. The Brazen shadows are totally wearable for everyday and they feel like silk, no complaints here. OMG the Coolway hair product from last month is the best thing that has happened to my hair !!! I get it, it’s more exciting to get different brands, but I would personally be grateful to receive more Coolway products.

If you check out Coolway’s Facebook page, they are having a special discount when they launch their new website in a couple of days. I think it’s 25 or 35% off. I want to buy more of the Coolway spray that reduces blow drying time, regularly $25+ 4.99shipping.

With my yearly membership, each box comes to $8.33 – so far I have loved everything I’ve gotten in my 3 months of Beauty Box 5 (referral link – free box for every 5 people you refer). I haven’t used the tanning products, though, but everything else has been worth it so far. The Aveeno in this month’s box is great to toss in my purse or travel bag, too!


Beauty Box 5 – May 2013

24 May


I came home to this little gift in my mail box! I loved this box! With my $100/year subscription to Beauty Box 5, it’s less than $9 per box.

Model Co black eyeliner full size pencil with built in sharpener.

Ferro Mineral Eyeshadow in Hollywood Blvd (tan with silver shimmer). Code bb5eyecandy for $5 off eye candy eye shadows by 6/15/13. With biting that this container came sealed separately in a plastic bag to prevent any mess during shipping. Much appreciated BB5!

Coolway styling spray- cuts drying time in half to reduce heat damage. Note, that it adds wonderful volume to my straight hair – but beware if your hair doesn’t need any more volume!  Code bb5 by 6/15/13 for 20% off their site.

Jean Pierre tanning towelettes x2. I’ve never used self tanner before, these 2 packets might sit around for a while.

LA Fresh deodorant wipes x2. Oh these are going straight in my bag!

Yay for my 2nd box from Beauty Box 5! I think all the boxes are the same, did anyone else get this box subscription?


My First Beauty Box 5 – April 2013

20 Apr


Yeah! My first box arrived from Beauty Box 5! I signed up on April 14th – the last day to receive April’s box. I choose the $100 option for 1 year so each box costs me only $8.33! Regularly it is $12/month.


Model Co. Lip Liner with built in sharpener. Great item to receive in a sample box. I do not currently have any lip liners, so this is now going to get used on a daily since I have decided I need to start using more of the makeup I own to make a dent in the supply I have built up!! Yay for this pencil!


Minxxette Makeup Brush Hanger and Jean Pierre Oil Absorbing Tissue – The brush hanger is now hanging in my bathroom, what a good idea! It’s not something I would ever think of, but now that I have it I like it! The Oil Absorbing tissue I will stash in my purse for sweaty summer days coming up. 50 sheets is a decent size sample!


Brazen Cosmetics Organic Mineral Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit – Oh my it feels like silk dust! This color is a nude color and will get lots of use. It is a loose powder; wonder if I can set it in an eyeshadow pot with alcohol so it is less messy? I’ve seen that done in youtube tutorials but I’ve never tried it. I would highly recommend this brand, however I cannot find them by searching google. No reviews or website found to purchase. Does anyone out there know anything about Brazen Cosmetics?? **UPDATE** Here is the website to check out their goods!


2 sample wipes of 100% biodegradable LA Fresh instant Body Smoother. I have seen good reviews for this brand from others that have received samples,  I’m looking forward to trying this.

beautybox list

So far like the love the lip pencil and mineral eyeshadow, but I have never heard of most of these brands. I am glad I decided to sign up for Beauty Box 5, seems like they work with smaller companies and a few more well known ones also. Always great to support a growing company with great products 🙂 Looking forward to receiving more boxes to get a feel for this company.

Hey, for $8.33 for over $25 worth of product in this box = TOTALLY worth it for the lip pencil alone!!

Get your own Beauty Box 5 subscription with my referral link here.

I haven’t seen many other reviews with this subscription, is this a small operation or a new subscription box company???