Julep March Lucky Mystery Box – Aislinn

26 Mar


Nail colors: Cassie, Lexie, Any, Jennifer, Kennedy, Tracy, Aislinn, Tatiana, and Gianna is the gold glitter at the top.

Julep $24.99 Lucky Mystery Box + $10 upgrade at check out + used a coupon for a free gold polish! $34.99 total.

9 polishes, a mint condition pedi creme, plus a clear polish and two neon powder dipping set for a textured nail look. Bonus 2 packets of forget me not flower seeds. The three colors on the left were the $10 upgrade, damn that lack of impulse control!
This is Aislinn. It was a neat polish, but it was so terrible to remove that I might just throw it away. Aside from the difficulty of removing glitter polish, it dyed my skin a dark bluish green that didn’t go away for two days. Wear at your own risk!

Remember, you can get your first Julep box free with choice FREEBOX, you will only pay the shipping fee.

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