J’Adore VoxBox from Influenster

20 Mar


So I signed up for influenster a couple months ago not really understanding what it was and then never really exploring it. I forgot about it until they sent me an email that I qualified to receive a voxbox. It seems the trade off for getting a free box of items is that we receive items to review and to encourage online social interaction for these brands.

This was the J’Adore box. I’ve never used false eyelashes, buy my mom saw them and claimed them right away. My 3 year old niece ended up enjoying most of the Hershey kisses. She saw which drawer I put them in, I later found her standing next to a pile of empty wrappers! I haven’t used the frizz ease product yet, for sure will try it next tune I straighten my hair (a few times a year, max). Aaand the face mask…gave it away to a friend. I feel sometimes I don’t have the time or patience to do a mask. Smells good, at least. I’ve been way more in to tea lately, enjoying these so far.

I hope I keep getting more boxes!

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