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Revlon Color Stay Nail Polish

25 Oct


This color is called Trade Winds. It was part of the Revlon Total Beauty Collection from earlier this year. I’m using this neutral nail color as I try to hustle myself a job this week. I do have an interview tomorrow. I hope to soon be employed as a bartender in a downtown Italian restaurant in my home town. I left my job almost 3 months ago in LA when my dad had his stroke, it looks like my stay will be long term here with my family as we cope with the daily well being of my dad and his continued recovery.

My interests have certainly been put on the back burner, but if I am too be living here, I need to get myself working again. As my dad’s status hopefully improves consistently, my peace of mind can handle more of my peripheral makeup obsession again.

Cheers to breathing easy and being happy, healthy and alive.


My first Pop Sugar Must Have box!

10 Oct


Popsugar Must Have Box $35/month -> will go up to $40/month starting in November unless you lock in a lower subscription price during October.


I used a coupon code to get $5 off my first box. Technically my first box was September, but I moved and that box is still at my old address waiting for me to pick it up. So this is actually my first – how exciting!

8 items plus a $20 coupon for Stitch Fix – a monthly clothing subscription that sends you 5 clothing items and you pay for only the ones you keep, minus a $20 credit. I may they this for one month only, I shop enough on my own to have to justify.


“Wet” Detangling hair brush – what a useful item to include in this box!
Jane Tran hair pins (set of 6) $12 (estimate based off of similar set from birchbox) – I will definitely use these for those sassy mid day hair strands.
The Can’t Cook Book 100+ recipes – I’m not really in a cook book kind of phase right now…. [puts book to the side indefinitely]
NYX Smokey Shadow Palette $7 – Meh, I never do a smokey eye, but I might use these individually. I found mixed reviews on the Google machine, so I may just pass this along to someone else.
NYX Liquid Brown Liner $7 – Yes, I think I may get some regular use out of a liquid brown eye liner for an everyday look.
Gorjana Bali Bead bracelet in hot pink– 100% of proceeds on their website go to Breast Cancer Connections.
The Crispery Halloween Crispy Cake $4 – It’s more like a huge marshmallow with rice crispies in it, topped with sprinkles. I just ate half of it like a crazy person…sugar overload!
Julep Polish Duo $28- Freedom Polymer Top Coat and Millie (grayish grape color). I was excited to see this, but too bad I already own Millie from my Julep Maven subscription box. (Use code FREEBOX to get your first box free!)

It was a cute box to open, but I think I may cancel. I think I could better spend this money towards purchasing items I love or want/need. Nothing in this box jumps out like the feeling of “OHMYGOSh I can’t believe I have this now!” So I cannot justify paying $35-40 to continue this subscription. If I had income to spare I would like keep it for a short of entertainment value, but times are tough and decisions need to be made!

It’s worth mentioning the accordion style info booklet is well designed, easy to read and much appreciated.

That’s my quick rundown for the October box. What did you guys think of it? Am I coming down off the subscription box high? Is the Popsugar Must Have Box worth keeping??


3 month break

9 Oct

There have been some major changes in my life, so I have dropped off of posting for the last few months. My dad had a massive stroke at the end of July. I left my job in Los Angeles to come be with my family in northern California. The first month was really intense because of how my dad was doing fluctuated so much. I have been babysitting my niece during the weekdays while my sister is at work, so I very quickly have adapted to being in charge of a 2 1/2 year old cute toddler. I don’t know how people with kids have time to do anything! Big props to all the moms out there.

My dad is now stable and is making slow progress, but it has been steadily positive for the last few weeks and I am soo grateful. We still have a lot of praying to do so that his recovery gets stronger and stronger each day. Basically overnight my priorities in life were all rearranged and so I am here now with my family.

I am still receiving my subscription boxes, so time permitting I will start posting again soon. I had to take a break for the last 3 months, it has taken this long to begin to feel any sense of stablility throughout all these changes.

You never know what life is going to throw at you. Buckle down, don’t stress about little things, find gratitude daily.

Health and happiness to all.