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Send some positivity please

27 Jul

Hi readers. I currently have many boxes (conscious box, beauty box 5, eco emi, blush mystery box, review for a z palette alternative) that arrived this week, however I may not get to them for a while.

I have taken time off from work to come visit my parents. My dad had a stroke and has been in the hospital. Please send healing thoughts out to the universe or to God so that he may eventually make a full recovery. I am staying positive, there are difficult moments when reality sinks in, but I am trying really hard to stay up beat.


Stila hautelook haul

22 Jul

Yay my order arrived!
I ordered on 7/2 when they had Stila on sale. Arrived on Saturday 7/20.


Positively Pink blush and lip glaze set $8

Brighten and Correct Concealer in Medium $10. I couldn’t decide between this color and the one a shade lighter. It’s so hard to tell how concealer shades will look on my face based on internet pictures. I hope I got the right color. I’m interested to try this concealer with the click up brush applicator, the same idea as the Stila lip glazes.



Flushed (top & left), Parmour (bottom & right)

x2 Long Wear Lip Color in Paramour. I bought these fir a friend that strictly wears this color. It seems like this is being discontinued so I bought 2 to stock up! $8 each, regularly $20 each.

Long Wear Lip Color in Flushed $8


Concealer on left, Flushed in middle, Paramour on right

$42 + tax and shipping= about $52 for 5 Stila products.  It is a very good deal for this brand….but I can’t help but think about the measly $5 I paid for 11 NYX products on sale the other day!!!! I love them all 🙂

Sation Nail Polish on a Sunday Night

22 Jul


Plenty of Frogs $5 – Grass green with silver micro shimmer. 3 coats, no top coat.  This is my second time using Sation polish, the first was in my May Ipsy Glam Bag (where I got this sheer pink color). This formula (so far) is awesome in my book.

There are a few on sale for $2.99 at Marshall’s/TJMaxx. I went back today and bought a couple more! A bright, iridescent hot pink Shock Me Twice Pink and a coral with hint of shimmer You’re My Lacquer Charm.

New Polishes from the Kardashian Collection

20 Jul


Nicole by OPI Kardashian Collection Polishes – Kendall on the Katwalk


Wear Something Spar-Kylie

Available as a duo set for $5.99 at Marshall’s/ TJMaxx. 3 coats plus a Rimmel top coat. 2 days til my first chip on both colors, way more compliments on the pink one, though. Yay!

Goodies Box – July 2013

20 Jul


Goodies Box is only $7/month + free shipping!


This box is about three to four times the dimension of a Birchbox! How can they ship this and still be profitable at $7/box? Not my problem!

Goodies Box and I had a short lived relationship. I discovered this snack food sub box, signed up, read some reviews from last month’s box that included Pringles chips, got my shipping confirmation, then cancelled my subscription thinking I was going to be getting a snack box of Pringles type of stuff. Yuck. “Not for me,” I said.

But my box is so yummy and 4 of the 5 items are not artificially flavored. This lovely box was waiting for me when I got home from work today. Warning: never open an edible subscription box right when you get home from work. Must eat allthethingsnow!! Hungry monster immediately said yum to 3 of the 5 items.

Sparkling Fruit Water in Black Raspberry, couldn’t find a link to this. Currently in my fridge, chillin’. I’ll sip on this over the weekend 🙂


Gimbals Cherry Lovers heart shaped jelly bean candy (chocolate cherry and vanilla cherry are my favorite in this bag). Too many in this bag to eat all at once, but if you need a sweet sugary treat these are perfect to have on hand to satisfy the sweet tooth. Notice the bag has been ripped open before the picture!


Cosmos Creations caramel baked corn, labeled as non gmo (100 calorie snack bag = gonesoofastmustbuymorenow!) Very tasty snack. Notice the package is also ripped open on the left!

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Original gluten free crackers – Tip: use these instead of regular tortilla chips to make nachos. Spread out on a plate, sprinkle shredded cheese, pop in the oven for a few minutes, top with fresh salsa and voila! More protein, less calories than tortilla chips, still crunchy and tasty!

Better Chip – fresh corn chips. Haven’t tried these yet, I’ll make some salsa first to try these out with.

Before I even finished this post I went and re-subscribed!

The website has a point system similar to Birchbox where they give you points for reviewing products. Points can be reserved for a fee box, but I haven’t yet figured out how many points ars needed. I’m glad I didn’t get the June box, check out previous boxes on their website. They do not customize the boxes, looks like everyone gets the same items. I’m happy with my first box, hope to continue enjoying this subscription – plus it’s only $7!

Sample Society Box – July 2013

19 Jul


Sample Society $15/month + tax in California’s monthly subscription box has been at the top of my list. They never give small foil packets, always at least deluxe size or full size items.

Highlight for July is the full size Deborah Lipman nail polish in Private Dancer $19 value. It’s a beautiful shade of purple with high shimmer. The photo came out a bit darker than the color looks in real life.

I received the same Supergoop Eye Cream in my May Birchbox and didn’t like the way it balled up on my under eye skin. I may have thrown it away, I don’t remember what I did with it. I may just give this away, or keep it in my purse as a travel size spf cream.

The Reem Acra perfume sample smells quite potent as a first impression. Described as a floral-amber blend, the floral smell overwhelms at first. I sprayed one small spritz on me and it was not as extreme as I always fear most perfumes to be. Once it hit my skin, it became a sweet candy-like scent. Much improved from my initial reaction, I surprised myself that I may actually like this. Hmm, I will have to smell it again before deciding.

Terry Cellularose Brightening Serum. I haven’t even taken this out of the little pink box to explore it yet. The info card says the full size is $117! Well, I hope I don’t like this sample TOO much!

Tres Pure face tonic with only 3 ingredients claims to make skin smooth, firm and radiant. Um, yes please. Again, I can’t like it TOO much, full size is $65!


Thank you Sample Society for exposing me to high end skin care I’ve never heard of and never knew I was missing out on! Put off these 5 items, I will use 4, giving away the Supergoop product. I have really been loving these samples from this sub. June’s box had a Stila lip glaze that I am still excited about receiving (even though I already own 6 different ones!).

I know it’s more expensive than the beloved Birchbox, but I think the value is consistently higher and products address not as hit or miss as Birchbox. I am seriously considering canceling my Birchbox for a while. Okay, who am I kidding. I am too addicted to getting boxes in the mail to cancel that subscription. Le sigh. PBJ for dinner??? Hahaha…priorities are so backwards sometimes.

Let me know if you get the Sample Society Box, I wanna see what you got this month! If you want to sign up, mention code “superintro” and I will get referral credit of some sort.

Birchbox – July 2013 Least favorite so far

19 Jul


Birchbox $10/month subscription


I couldn’t wait for my box to arrive this month. I was dying to get the Balm’s sample of their new InStain blush. Since I’m in California I have found out that it takes a lot longer for my box to arrive than everyone else in the country. I had to peak in my account online to see what I would be receiving. No theBalm, but I was getting a Benefit product so that was a great trade off in my mind. I don’t currently own any Benefit makeup.


Dissapointed to get Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in Nutmeg. Too bad it’s not even close to being my color, even if I spent everyday at the beach for a month. I will have to give away the only product I was excited about receiving. I think this color may work for my friend next door (also gets Birchbox sub and didn’t get this in her box). I hope so that it doesn’t go to waste.

That makes the “beauty extra” Bobby Pins the runner up for taking over as my favorite item in this month’s box. I will use these to keep my hair off my face at work, they’re cute!

TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray is a large sample size at 2.3oz. This will stay on my shelf and I’m sure will come in handy some day. +extra cool points for hot pink and orange packaging.

Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion sample foil packet. Okay, enough with the bronzer and self tanners. I haven’t tried out any of these types of products yet that I have received over the last few months in boxes. This is “easily removed with water”, aka don’t use this at beach or pool scenario. Tossing this in my box with other foil packey size samples to use some day.

G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream. Never heard of it, but I do appreciate a good face cream with my perpetually dry skin. “Apply morning and night.” Okay, front of shelf status and this 3ml sample will be enjoyed within a week. It’s French, so sassy to use a French face cream. Oh yeah.


I suppose it could be worse. Still, these are all nice brands and even though I was hoping for something else in my box, I will probably use 3 of the 5 samples. Wish I could have skipped this month’s box and just spent $5 for a set of 6 of these cute Bobby Pins from Birchbox. We pay for the excitement of a box of mystery items, I suppose. Can’t win them all.

I need some uplifting. Either make me some guacamole with chips, or tell me something nice about your Birchbox this month!! What was your box’s highlight for July??

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