Julep Online Warehouse Sale

27 Jun


I almost completely missed the boat when Julep had an online sale last week. I managed to squeak in during the last hour when pretty much everything I liked was sold out. That was a mixed blessing because the bargain lover in me would have spent too much, and how many nail polishes does a girl really need? (Don’t answer that.)

I ended up with Popova, which looked like a Kelly green color in the photo on the website, but much darker in person. It was a TrinaTurk Fall 2012 color for $4. NOT a summer color, especially since I currently have on the neon coral Reign in Spain Color Club polish from my June Birchbox. Btw, that polish was a big hit hanging poolside with 8 girls with cocktails + dancing @night at the JW Marriott resort in Palm Desert last weekend. Fun with the girls!

I was in the mood for a $5 chunky necklace, so for $9 total I got a green nail polish a fun necklace and a sample packet of Rock Star hand cream! Small splurges are easily justified.

June’s budget is totally blown. All my little makeup purchases, trip to Palm Desert last weekend, plus trip to San Francisco first and last weekend of June to take the MAT Jump Start course. I opted to skip next month’s Julep Maven sub box. That $20 is going towards gas for this weekend!

One Response to “Julep Online Warehouse Sale”

  1. JustLouisePlease June 27, 2013 at 11:45 am #

    By the time I got there, so many of the items were sold out! Looks like you got some really great items! LOVE the necklace!

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