Birchbox – June 2013

16 Jun



Alright! It’s Birchbox time! $10/month

It doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me that their logo and box are a little different than before. The mailing box is still pink, the wrapping paper inside is still pink. The website color changes and all the complaints made it seem like everything changed to square and black. This is still a cute little box.


My favorite item was the Eyeko skinny eye liner in Navy. It is a long felt tip liner pen in liquid navy blue. This is my new best friend – it makes the perfect wedge at the corner of my eyelid. No sharpening needed! Pen, not pencil. No smudge, long lasting. Cool.

2nd favorite is Reign in Spain neon coral colored Color Club nail polish. I’m so glad I got this color, it was the only one of the 4 options that I actually wanted. I was worried I was going to get the cream color similar to the bleh Zoya polish I received in last month’s Ipsy bag. I was already planning out which shadow pigment I was going to mix in to change the color! Reign in Spain is going to make its debut on my nails for the girls trip to Palm Desert next weekend. Can you say poolside at the resort any better than with a bright nail polish twinkling on your toes?

Ooh, travel size Whish Shave Cream with shea butter formula. Yes, this went directly from my Birchbox to my travel toiletries bag.

Furlesse Frown Line Reducing Patches. I’m all for trying this at some point. I hope it works! I do furrow my brow more often than I realize.

Tiny box of Glee Gum – I’ve never tried this, I like the retro packaging. Going straight into my purse.

It was an interesting idea to include the travel postcards in this month’s box to make sure we knew there was suppose to be a theme. I set those aside for now, not sure where to keep them.

If you haven’t tried Birchbox yet, I would be grateful if you check out my referral link.
Did anyone else get the Eyeko eye liner?? Have you tried it out yet??

One Response to “Birchbox – June 2013”

  1. Must Have Boxes June 17, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

    That coral colored nail polish that you received is fab. I’m a little jealous, lol. I just posted the review of my June Birchbox on my blog too. Love it!

    – KW

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