CVS Makeup Haul! e.l.f, Rimmel, CoverGirl, N.Y.C., Salma Hayek Nuance

14 Jun


My makeup artist friend asked me if I wanted to assist her on a job this past Sunday. It was for a conference with a bunch of doctors taking corporate type photos and we only have 2-5 minutes for makeup as everyone arrives at the same time during the scheduled breaks in the itinerary. It was mostly powdering to reduce shine, even out skin tone, refresh already applied makeup, quickly bring out a feature before they go in front of the camera, brighten up some tired attendees eyes, tame flyaway hair 🙂  I was so excited because this would be my first professional makeup job :D. But I had to buy some items to fill in holes in my makeup kit quick & cheap with hardly any time to do so – and I didn’t want to spend much money, no sense to spend it all before I earn it! Luckily, I happen to see some products at MARSHALL’S/TJ MAXX that fit that description. Here’s what I bought to fill in my collection:

I have never tried e.l.f brand makeup, in fact I usually make a sharp turn in the opposite direction when I see it assuming that because it is soo cheap that I won’t like it at all.

e.l.f. Mineral Blemish Kit $4.99 ($8 online) – Translucent mineral powder with small brush. I didn’t use the brush at all. Smaller container is handy to work with, but I will end up using this for myself.

e.l.f. Mineral 3-Piece Eyeshadow & Brush Set in Nude $3.00 ($5 online) Loose shadows in “celebrity” (champagne) and “elegant” (light bronze) + eyeshadow brush. Really universal colors, the shimmer is enough for eyes to become 3D and pop but not too sparkley to over do it in a photo.

e.l.f. Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection $24.99 ($30 online) – The blush, buff, concealer, eyebrow brushes were the MOST used throughout the day. Beware that the head of the concealer brush came unglued the first time I pulled it out of the case. That sucked.

e.l.f. Studio Eyelash Curler $2.69 ($3 online)Works just fine even though it was so cheap! We’ll see how long it lasts!

Nikka K Absolute! Makeup Cleansing wipes $4.99 pack of 60 ($6.99 online) – I just got a Nikka K brand solid perfume stick in my Glossybox, that’s the first I’ve heard of this brand, so I kind of liked seeing another product from them. It verified that this is an actual company producing products lol.

All the above, plus a trip to CVS for a few more things to complete my kit:

Rimmel Kate Lipstick 08 $4.99 – I thought I should have a nude/mauve color on hand. This is kind of matte, so I would add some gloss for dimension instead of being flat in the photo, but I didn’t end up using it at all. Now it’s in my purse. I wore it to work today :).

CoverGirl LashBlast Length Mascara in Black & Brown $4.50 each ($8.99 regular)(they were on sale 50% off at my local CVS) Spend your $$ elsewhere!!! turns out that this mascara formula does nothing. It didn’t coat lashes very well, but I was using individual disposable mascara wands, maybe the one it comes with works better. (**Note: I tried it this morning on my lashes and counted 14 brush strokes before my lashes looked like they had mascara applied. Who has time for 14 coats of mascara per eye?? I suppose the bright side is that it is very buildable, and in a sunshine yellow tube!**)

N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder Translucent $2.99 – Oh my lord this was priceless. It was easily my most used product!

N.Y.C Cover Stick in Light $1.99 – Between this and the Nuance Deep color I can mix for in between shades. My friend had 3 palettes with like 18 different concealer shades, so I mostly used that. Way easier. Honestly, I don’t think I’m ever going to use this.

N.Y.C. Classic Brow/Liner Pencil in Taupe $.99 Soft brown to line the bottom of the eye or fill brows. Texture is a bit waxy, though, but it will do in a pinch!

Nuance Salma Hayek Concealer & Brightener in Deep – (Actually, my friend gave this to me, but it is a CVS exclusive brand. $10.99)

Bausch & Lomb Eye Drops $4.99 – I have these in my purse and use them every day right before I get to work so I look well rested and refreshed. It’s amazing the difference it makes, it wakes up your while face, no sleepy eyes.

Plus Q-Tips ($3.79), generic hand sanitizer ($1.99) and a box of Kleenex ($.99). Okay, I had a lot of fun even though there wasn’t much time with each person. My friend, Jeannie, gave me a crash course on Friday night (over a few glasses of wine) on mixing concealers from her kit, lining with different powders, using different brushes, etc. I practiced on my friend/neighbor and she was such a good sport even when I tried to curl her lashes with a lash curler and did NOT poke her eyeball, I sensed her fear!! If I get the chance to assist her again, hopefully I will have more time and a budget to stock up on some nicer brands. I am a proud, though, taking a step beyond makeup novice!

One Response to “CVS Makeup Haul! e.l.f, Rimmel, CoverGirl, N.Y.C., Salma Hayek Nuance”

  1. beautybyericakate June 14, 2013 at 3:54 am #

    I must say, I’ve bought 50% off mascara at my local CVS and it was so dried out! They must mark it down because its expired. But it looks like you got a lot of great stuff at good prices for your kit!

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