Julep Maven Box – June 2013

10 Jun


Julep Maven Subscription – $19.99/month

This month I switched style profiles to get the Modern Beauty. I was not super excited about any of the nail color options in the others, so glad Julep gives us the option to switch or skip a month. I added on Bunny for $4.99 and the makeup brush duo for $19.99.


Cool new product – makeup/concealer duo brush set. The picture doesn’t show this, but the tip of the large rounded brush is tapered like a cone shape. This is amazing for swiping in the creases around the nose. The smaller concealer brush is a really nice texture, it’s the first concealer brush I’ve owned, so I don’t have anything to compare with. Still have to blend in concealer with my finger after applying with this brush, but it gets more precise placement than just using my finger to apply. I don’t like using it as a dual sided brush because it doesn’t stay connected, it slips apart into two pieces while using it. Either connect it with the concealer brush huding inside the handle so there is a long handle with only the larger brush exposed, or use this as two separate travel size brushes. Also, a little annoying that the end of the concealer side handle is rounded, would be nice if it were flat so it stands up on the counter while in use.


Bunny (white creme polish with gold shimmer) was a highly overrated item.Tons of internet bloggers were so excited about it (myself included) and it seems to be mostly a let down. You can see the gold shimmer in the bottle, but it does not show up on nails. It adds volume to each coat of polish so it looked thick and a little chunky, like using White Out. I cannot recommend this particular polish to anyone.


The DD Creme looks nice on my skin, But I have to apply moisturizer first. If I skip this step, my skin is flaky and dry on my chin, forehead and around my mouth. May be better for those without dry skin. I take some responsibility for not drinking enough water, and regularly drinking coffee in the morning. I prefer Origins Vita Zing spf 15 tinted moisturizer to this product, but I am thinking about trying a blend of both for the right coverage and moisture for my face.

Yes, the  DD Concealer only has 3 grams of product – use sparingly! It is very opaque, do not overload with this. Blends in smoothly.

Chocolate, strawberry & lime salt water taffy candies were also included. That detail alone made me feel like I was at a beach boardwalk smelling the salty ocean air. Ahhhhh.

In total, this set me back about $45. I wish I had skipped this month’s box and just bought the brush, but I really wanted to try Julep’s new DD Creme. I saw someone posted a deal Julep offered to those that skipped this box – an $24.99 option for the DD Creme and the brysh duo, kicking myself for this missed saving, since that’s really what I was looking forward to.

Btw, I have been using the Yaby concealer in Honey that I got in my May Ipsy Glam Bag and I passed on my Julep concealer to a friend, no need for both.

If you are into nail polish, try Julep’s Maven Box subscription for free with code FREEBOX. Here’s my referral link, I earn points you toward a future Julep box if you sign up through my link. Thank You!

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  1. Life of a Housewife June 10, 2013 at 7:36 am #

    Love your blog! Take a look around mine, maybe something will spark your interest and you’ll subscribe! Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂


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