Birchbox – May 2013

24 May


Birchbox came last week, I was feeling pretty sick and didn’t have it together enough to post my box. For $10/month this box is worth it. Onto the goods!

Beauty Protector – protect & detangle elixir. A little is all you need, really. I have used this a few times, but it kind of builds up if I use it too much.

Cotz natural skin tone spf 40 – I got this in my sample society box last month and I really liked it. It’s a tinted moisturizer, but it is matte! Like nothing I’ve tried before. It works really well as a makeup primer, too.

Fusion Beauty
lip gloss in La Lip Jolie- slight tingle with this lip plumping gloss, feels nice, though. I tossed this in my purse this week and apply over lip color at work. Lip Gloss makes me feel really girlie, I usually don’t go for the shiny lips look. I have been since I’ve gotten at least 3 new glosses since April, mostly due to all my box subscriptions 😉

Laface age defying primer – I haven’t tried this yet, it’s suppose to be a seriously moisturizing first layer under foundation.

Tweezerman mini nail files, box set of 12 – this was the “beauty extra” in my box. I’ll probably just leave these at work in a communal drawer for all us girls to grab as needed, I would never use all these on my own. Big points for the cure pink/white polka dot print!!

This month’s Birchbox is a really useful combo of items! I am starting to really like the Cotz sample, I may have to give in and purchase it at some point. Oh! I may not need to, though, because the June Julep Maven box is going to include their new DD Cream! I am debating getting the new DD concealer, as well as the new brush duo…but I am not sure if it’s worth it. I don’t really wear concealer, but I like the idea of having it in case I need it! The brush duo looks cool, it’s two smaller brushes that attach to each other.

I didn’t see as many variations in Birchbox boxes this month, I guess some months are really different than others!

Here is my referral link if you don’t have a Birchbox subscription yet. I earn points towards future purchases if someone uses my referral link:

I just got my email that my Glossybox it’s in the mail! Yay!!

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