My First Eco Emi Box – April

1 May


Eco Emi Subscription Box – $15

I got 8 items in my Eco Emi box!!! I don’t remember how I came across this box, there aren’t many people reviewing it. It caught my eye because it seems to be smaller distribution promoting an eco friendly lifestyle with small, eco-companies contributing items towards a box. Plus, for $15 a month you get at least 5, up to 10 products!!

Check out the two sided post card with a description of what I got: (I will update later with coupon codes that are included – check the bottom of the page.)



I was very excited to get this box. This is the April box, arrived on 4/29/13, it was my first box! It’s curated by a woman putting together her fave eco friendly items.


Too many products to post individual pictures!

Oluv Salve – This is a lovely salve. It almost melts at the touch of your finger, so I used an un-noticeably small amount on my cuticles, this little tub will last a while. Good to have on hand, also says to use to heal wounds. It has shea butter, which heals scars. 10% off code ECO at

Lauren Brooke creme eyeshadow in Dahlia. Transparent pink with shimmer, this is also a primer. There’s not much color, but works smoothly under powder eyeshadow as a shimmery primer. I would not use this alone, only as a shadow base. 15% off code ECOEMISAVER

Rainwater Botanicals Dead Sea Mud. This is literally a small container of mud! I used it on my face yesterday, it really tightened all the pores and I only used a thin layer.

Colorganics Organic Hemp Shine Lipstick (in the main photo at the top)- Full size. It’s in a lipstick tube, but it feels like a solid chapstick. I appreciate the classiness of the lipstick tube, but my boyfriend will use this one, too, but he will not be leaving the house with it.

Shea Radience Hair Milk – It’s for curly hair, so this will be for my 2 1/2 year old niece to tame her cute, curly unruly hair šŸ™‚ 20% off code ECO2013 until 6/30/13

Those are the highlights listed. I’ve never seen the Crystal deodorant wipes before, those will be great to throw in my bag for workout days.

Aura Cacia Mineral Bath – Oh hell yes this will be utilized. ‘Nuff said.

Simply Organic Guacamole Dip – Ehhh, maybe I’m spoiled by California avocados, I prefer to make my own guacamole and salsa and would never use a pre-made packet. I have too much pride in my guac skills, but ego aside I will try this product for the sake of trying it. **UPDATE- I added this spice packet to 4 avocados, half tomato, 3 limes and it was pretty good! There are no directions on the packet, though.**

So far I haven’t regretted signing up for, what, seven? eight? different box subscriptions, I can’t even keep track of everything I have committed myself to this month!

April has been my first month of subscription boxes and everything has been an awesome surprise, things I wouldn’t buy on my own. Love this sample box idea!!!

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One Response to “My First Eco Emi Box – April”

  1. abeautifultwentysomethinglife May 8, 2013 at 9:27 am #

    Thank you for the review! I still don’t know if I understand what the mud does, might have to try some out myself šŸ™‚

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