Birchbox Order

1 May


Okay, I didn’t give the Caudalie oil a good review initially when I wrote the April Birchbox post, but I have since fell in love with it enough to buy it. I would refer you to the link to purchase, but it has since sold out in the Birchbox shop! I bought the 15 ml option for $10, there is also a larger option for $39. The very subtle scent is really addicting. It’s like walking down the street when jasmine is in bloom, but not as potent.

I got the Hail Mary chocolate macaroons as an extra in my April box. For $5 I thought it was a nice treat. Made from real food, no preservatives or synthetic ingredients. They melt in your mouth, yum! Totally will buy these again, too!!

So in this case, Birchbox sample subscription business model worked on me for these products that I had never heard of before and now I love them. Good job, Birchbox!

Here’s my referral link if you want to try out their $10 monthly subscription box.

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