Sunday Spree

22 Apr


I went to the Ross store a few blocks from my apartment with the intention of finding a lavender bath mat. Instead, I bought
a gold Falchi tote bag with green lining $16,
image image
a fuschia Kenneth Cole Reaction foldover crossbody bag $19,
black Aerosoles sandals $15, 4 lavender wash cloths $6, and 1 fluffy bright coral wash cloth $2.
My over worn dv dolce vita sandals have seen their last weekend, they were my go-to weekend sandals for a while. As of today, they are OUT and my new black sandals are IN! I already wore them out to walk my dog. Yay!

I was a little unsure about the gold tote bag with flowers on it. Is it too grandma style or is it cool?

Please please comment on this, I need some validation or some honest opinions on this one!

**UPDATE** I actually returned both of the bags. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in buying something just because it’s cheap, but on second thought I did NOT see myself using either of those items! The black sandals, however, have already gotten plenty of use!

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