Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box

18 Apr


Julep’s Sea Salt Mystery Box arrived today! I got mystery box 2.

4 colors

Left to right: Lauren ($14) (semi-matte hot pink creme), Meryl ($14) (grey creme), Sadie ($14) (black sea salt textured), Gunta ($14) (Trina Turk Fall 2012 navy blue creme), Nail File ($1), Pedicure Spacers ($2), and Pomegranate Body Creme ($18).

The Sea Salt polish looks like someone dumped a ton of sparkly sugar onto the nail polish. It goes on really thick, as opposed to Lauren (pink) and Meryl (grey) I had to use 2 coats for an opaque finish. Gunta is super opaque, only used one coat.

I have to give kudos for the ingredients list of the Pomegranate Body Creme – Most of the ingredients are in English, not like a list of chemicals.

On my thumb is left over from this weekend’s Sation pale pink polish that came in my Ipsy subscription box – by the way I’ve been wearing that matte hot pink  Be a Bombshell “Beach Please” blush every day this week! It took a little practice to apply with a light hand, it’s such a strong color!


So far I have seen reviews for 3 different Julep Sea Salt Mystery Boxes, and I like my colors the best! Woohoo!! Honesty, I will probably never wear the navy blue Gunta, but  Lauren and Meryl will get soo much it will make up for the navy blue. My neighbor already asked to borrow Meryl 🙂

Total value $77 . I paid $24.99. Yay for me!

It may only be open to Julep Maven subscribers as an early release, I didn’t see the 3 individual sea salt colors on sale yet. If you want to try your first box free, use code FREEBOX to discount the $19.99 fee, you will only pay shipping , but shipping is included in future Julep subscription and mystery boxes. Also, if you enter my referral code it will help me earn Julep points- 11808027.

I just got my first Birchbox and my first Beauty Box 5 in the mail – I’ll post pictures shortly of what I got!! Officially a subscription box addict!! Doesn’t it make you feel so special to receive surprise gifts from yourself?? haha 😉

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