50% off at theBalm.com

8 Apr

theBalm down boy

Keep refreshing theBalm.com!! Their website was suppose to be up on Monday April 1st offering 50% off everything as they launch their new site and new line of hair products. It’s like a cruel April fool’s joke that their whole website is down! I checked their facebook page for updates – 50% off has been postponed while they move to a new server. Did someone say SALE?? Online stampede!!  I’m hoping to get my hands on Down Boy – a matte blush $21. I have so many of their make up and skin care products. Wonderful quality without the perfume-y scent, and silky pigmented shadows. No parabens or synthetic additives and animal friendly products. TheBalm has a cult like following, though only recently have a few products available at sephora.com. I’ve got my eye on you, thebalm.com!!

My favorite items: Carrot eye make up remover (use it every day); Hazelnut face cream, Hot Mama blush (similar to Nars Orgasm, a little more peachy glow) and the Shady Lady shadow palettes.

Post a comment if you buy anything once their sale is on!!

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