Julep Maven Starter Box

3 Apr

Julep Maven Starter Box

Julep Maven Boho Glam Box

My first ever subscription box arrived!! Aw yeah!

I had never heard of Julep before, but I came across their website and searched google for reviews on their Julep Maven subscription box – lo and behold I found code FREEBOX and used it to sign up! I did pay 3.99 shipping, though, but shipping is usually free for Maven members 😉 They have a style profile questionnaire seemed silly to me, so I skipped to the link to see all styles and choose the Boho Glam Style Profile. My box arrived within a few days after it was ordered. YAY! Here’s What I got:

???????????????????????  20130403_002417_resized  ???????

2 Nail Polishes: Robin (light blue/teal creme color) and Stefani (charcoal grey color with gold shimmer).

Robin was a little messy to use, the applicator brush is thin and it’s more viscous than Stefani. Stefani has a wider brush and went on much cleaner. Two quick coats on the pics above, both are super fast drying. I couldn’t decide with color to keep on, so I kept them both on. Robin got me 3 compliments at work today and Stefani only1!


Instant Warming Foot Scrub

As soon as I pulled the warming scrub out of the box my boyfriend wanted it. Is he hinting for a foot massage tonight? I think so! Since I don’t currently own a foot scrub, this new product will definitely get tested out to pamper a couple of pair of feet soon.

Julep Hand Scrub

Glycolic Hand Scrub

This is not a product that I have ever shopped for. Ever been to a Mary Kay demo at a friend’s house where a group of women sit around and every one tries out sample products at the same time and at the end you find yourself joining in with “Yeah, my hands have never been so soft!”? That’s what I thought of when I saw this, that was the last time I used a hand scrub. I guess the whole point of a sample box is to try new things that are not on my everyday product radar. Okay, Julep, I’ll try it out.

julep box

I am so glad this was my first subscription box! It will be a $20 monthly treat, and so far budgeting money for another Julep Maven box has been justified in my mind 🙂 Reminder that I also have added to my budget a subscription to Birchbox, Ipsy, Eco-Emi, and Sample Society, and still on the fence about Glossybox. How luxurious!

For those not yet a Julep Maven, here’s my referral link & invitation code 11808027.  Use code FREEBOX to treat yourself to a starter box of Julep goodies.

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